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Payson Onion Days 10K

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Member Since:

Jan 01, 2009



Goal Type:

Age Division Winner

Running Accomplishments:

St George Marathon: 3:23:54 (10/6/12)

Half IM: 5:44:03 (8/25/12 - course was long!)

25K trail - Buffalo Run (16.5) 2:34:50

Half Marathon: American Fork - 1:30:44  6/23/12

Spectrum 10K 43:42   3/17/2012

Best 5K: Spanish Fork 21:55 05/30/09

Short-Term Running Goals:

Okay, so for 2013 I am going to have FUN! Not that running isn't always fun, but I had a wonderful breakthrough year last year and I want to play this year :) AND get faster! So, my first goal I'm going to put out there is my yearly mileage goal.
It is 2,186 miles from my driveway to my sister (QP's) driveway! I want to spend this year on a virtual trek cross country running those miles. So, that is how far I will run in 2013...from my house to QPs. It will take all year and yes, this is measured on Hwys so it isn't really exactly how I COULD run it, but good enough. 43 miles/week...totally doable, and a fun goal to track how far I've traveled as I go along. Who knows...maybe I'll even run PAST her house :)

I will do more trail runs, Boston, Pacing duties, another Half IM and some other tris. I'm excited for this next year and look forward to having fun with all of you out on the roads, and trails! Maybe bag a few peaks this year too!!

Long-Term Running Goals:

Big Dreams: 5K in 20:2X; 10K in 39:XX; Half in 1:29:XX; Full in 3:15:XX; complete the Rim2Rim2Rim run and not die; Comrades; Iron(wo)Man.

Run for the rest of my life!


4 children: twelve, eight, five and baby Fartlek - 2 1/2. Wonderful supportive husband that lets me drag him and the family all over for race after race!

Finished 13 marathons and LOVE running that distance! I'm definitely hooked to the marathon monster and hope to constantly improve my endurance, speed and stay injury free!

I've also found a love of trail running! I hope to keep improving on this front.

After being injured with a broken foot at the first of 2012 I found a tri group and started training with them and am now loving tris! The half IM was harder than I'd ever imagined...and am ready to do it again. I'll earn my bike butt and someday have enough time to train for a full IM.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 322.10
BIKE MILES Lifetime Miles: 1168.40
LUCY MILES Lifetime Miles: 25.25
Adidas Lifetime Miles: 319.66
Orange II Lifetime Miles: 390.41
Boston Mizuno Lifetime Miles: 568.97
Fargo Nikes Lifetime Miles: 500.03
BEANS Lifetime Miles: 755.00
Orange Bostons Lifetime Miles: 527.59
Solomon Trail Lifetime Miles: 363.98
PI Tri Shoes Lifetime Miles: 4.00
Boston Mizuno 10s Lifetime Miles: 140.75
New Orange Lifetime Miles: 157.05
Total Distance
Cookie, Cookie Miles: 124.10Inspire Yellow Racers Miles: 10.00Cookie Monsters - Take 2 Miles: 30.90OEOHFPPE Miles: 4.80
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

So tired. I don't know how some of you get up early every day to run, these 4 days in a row have killed me. I knew the BBK workout was going to be a tempo and I wasn't really feelin' the love this morning...

3 easy warm-up miles (10:09- yeah, I'm tired!, 9:01, 8:57 - okay things are moving now).

No time to waste, onward with the tempo...

Well, I'm playing pity party and making excuses as I drag my tired butt behind the group pretending to run a tempo. As I'm running I think "this feels like the last 6 miles of a marathon. I've put in higher miles this week, I'm tired, I'm working on suppressing injury, you can run slow, don't push it." Then it hits me: did you show up to run or show up to quit? Sacrifice of Regret. Decide.

Well, my first split came in at 8:24, a good pretend tempo and all I'll need to run at the end of a marathon, but I want more...I have put in the time and effort to deserve more. I decide and start running. Splits for the rest of the tempo: 8:04, 7:56, 7:46, 7:43, 7:21. That's a little more like it. Peggy and Jerry were about 1/4 mile in front of me when I first caught site of them around mile 4. I decided to reel them in. It wasn't easy and with about 1/3 of a mile left I knew I'd be able to over take since I was only 15ish feet behind them. But, then they decided to go straight for an extra cool down mile and I went back to the church. I wanted a drink before cool down. Which I finished with Bec (9:52, 9:15 uphill v downhill?)

I'm proud of my mental conquest today. Honestly, that is probably the hardest part for me in a marathon. Giving in to my whining. Now I know I can stay strong on tried legs. No excuses.

Came home and my kiddos let me sleep for a bit (hallelujah) and then I did a stretch video I have -oh, it's old and comical! But it does the trick. Since I can't do yoga at club Hollywood and the rec center doesn't have yoga in the mornings. Feeling good and ice rolling out the heel, maybe not better, but with all these miles not worse!

AP: 8:35; fastest double digit AP since March-ish.

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 11.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Well, the new era at the rec center has begun. Spin class - I didn't really like how the teacher taught. WAY too laid back, didn't push much at all and most of the women in the class barely broke a sweat. I hope I just caught him on an off day. Plus, he spends 80% of the class out of the saddle which isn't realistic. Sit your butt down and WORK. Sorry, I've been to too many tough classes.

Went out to the TM and did 6 miles just to shake it all down for tomorrow. First 3 miles @ 8:57, next @ 8:41. Mile 5 was 8:34, last year's MP, so I decided to make mile 6 this year's MP @ 8:06.  AP for the full 6= 8:44

When I got home the real fun started. Friday is our garbage day and it always just bites me that we have to fill our trash with grass on Saturday and have it sit around all week! So, when I realized the garbage hadn't come yet I decided to try and get at least the front mowed before they came.

Well, I got that done and thought...hmmm, maybe I can get some of the back done before they come. I picked up the dog poo (thank you Lucy) and went to work. Our grass is growing crazy lately and so you have to empty the catcher every couple minutes!

As I trudged the catcher back and forth out to the street there was no sign of the garbage man, then about 1/3 of the way through the back I hear him- CRAP! He's headed right down the street, so I start running back and forth. One more load...one more load.

He turns and goes down the other street before doing our dead end and circle. Whew! A couple more minutes. I can still hear him though...so I'm still running, back and forth. Finally, it starts to get louder again - Crap! I'm almost done.

I have only about 1/3 of the lawn in the back left! I run out and back, pull the mower - nothin'. Dang it! Since I was just going to do the front I didn't fill up the gas and it's out now. AAAHHHH! I book it to the shed, grab the gas can book it back and do a quick 10 second fill just to get me through the last of the grass. I'm off again! Still sprinting back and forth out to the street and wishing the lawn mower would go faster.

Then I see the truck heading down the dead end (this means only 8ish cans before he gets to my circle), I throw the catcher on for one last fill and run it out to the street just as he is backing up out of the dead end to head toward our circle! I was SO happy. I beat that garbage man good, and he didn't even know it! :) I did have one load of grass left to mow, but only one. I got all the grass and the dog poo out of the garbage fast! I really feel so accomplished, small victories make my day :)

Inspire Yellow Racers Miles: 6.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Well, I'm finishing off my high mileage week for SGM and it's nice to know I'm on my way down. I was tired, ornery, whining and cold this morning. I wasn't all that good of company, sorry ladies. I wish I could be someone who could throw down 70 miles/week consistently, but I think I would fall asleep running and drop over into the river off the trail and drown if I tried to do this every week! This is the highest mileage I've ever hit in a week. Good thing: PF is still going in the right direction, even with the miles. So, I can't complain. I'm just tired.

Toby, Becca, Annette and I met on the JRP in Lehi and headed South. Becca had dropped some gatorade for us about mile 4ish and it was very nice! We had some great chats and good talks and finished up back at the cars at 12. Toby and Annette left and Becca and I slogged through the last 6 alone (well, I slogged through - Becca was feeling good!).

I didn't know going into the run how long I wanted to do. Since running PC I don't feel I need to do a 'long' run for SGM, I've got the distance - just need the training. So, I feel like I kinda chickened out when I didn't do 20. I was tired and my muscles were getting tight and I was just ready for a nap. I asked Becca if we could turn around and she agreed. Should've just gone and finished 20...regretting it now, but I know it was probably best not to push then. Still just feels like a mental defeat :(

AP: 9:00 splits:  9:22, 9:12, 9:00, 8:55, 8:41, 8:53, 8:41, 8:33, 8:42, 8:47, 8:52, 9:02 (now Becca and I are on our own and I make her slow down for me) 9:20, 9:05, 9:07, 9:03, 9:34 (where the heck did that come from?!? We had to walk through a little construction area for maybe 20 feet and I wonder if I forgot to stop my watch?), 9:12.

Great chat with Becca afterward (should've run another 5 or more! we had plenty of time...), I sure am going to miss that girl when she moves to Texas! David - why did you make her fall in love with you?!? Okay, y'all can be happy and get married :(

Now, my quantity week is done, and next week is quality week! Payson 10K Monday (racing...as much as I can recover/taper in 1 day), 2 BBK workouts, Hills on Wednesday and then Saturday Spanish Fork Half. Here is my question for y'all....I don't know whether it would be more beneficial to run the half in tempo miles (warm-up before and cool-down to add to maybe 16 or 17 total) and get the legs used to MP or to push and try to race it untapered and see where that lands me prediction wise for marathon. I'm thinking the MP miles would be more beneficial, but it may also just be me not wanting to push a half on tired legs from a good weeks workout. Plus, I'm racing Payson on Monday so I'll get the 'race' in as well. Hmmm, I'm just bewildered. I need some good direction!

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 18.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Race: Payson Onion Days 10K (6.2 Miles) 00:45:13, Place overall: 8, Place in age division: 5
Total Distance

Okay, so maybe I'm being too hard on myself, but I'm not as happy with this as I should be. This is a course PR for me by nearly 1 min (46:03 in 2009), but I just don't feel so good about it.

Woke up the family early to get down there -stupid construction all through Utah county made it slow going. Anyway, uneventful race prep. It was nice to see Lily, Merri, Susie, Rachelle and Julie C. We were off quickly! I always start fast, can't help it. I was nearly staying on Julie and Lily's toes for the first tenth of a mile, fell into pace shortly after that.

I was pleased to hear my first mile split called out at 6:50. Usually I would let this play mind games on me, but this time I didn't. I simply thought "great! you banked 30 seconds." My goal was to come in under my 09 time, so an AP of 7:25 would've done that. My garmin splits were always off about .05 of a mile, so they were about 10 seconds or more past what the timers were calling out.

I hit the half at 21:12 and tried to do some math to see where I could hit, but I just can't figure out that .2 on the end! I figured I might be able to pull a 44:something which would put me almost a PR. All righty, lets go for it! From there out, that was my new goal.

Mile 4 was the hardest, as always, but it always seems to be the slowest for everyone, so I can't complain. Just before hitting mile 5 I thought "Rachel, are you going to feel like you could've pushed harder when the race is done?" I laughed and thought - yeah, I always do. But I then tried to push just a little more so I would have less regret and know that I did do all I could out there. Yes, I still think I could've gone faster.

By mile 5 I'd passed a few guys and 2 teenage girls. One lady (35-39 AG) passed me, but I stayed on her heels the whole time. She only finished 13 seconds in front of me. Well, there was one more guy in my sights to pass. I surged to get just ahead. Within a quarter mile he'd returned the favor. Well, on the first major turn off the road I made a good tangent and passed him again. Which is great for me. I usually slow considerably that mile 5-6, uphill, finishing...excuses, excuses.

I kept pushing and pushing all the way up to the finish. Hit mile 6 on my Garmin at 43:33 - could I pull off a 44?!? yeah, a .2 isn't that far? Maybe a minute? (see, I don't know under mile splits!!). Turned the corner to the finish chute and I could see the 44 ticking away on the clock. Dang. I surged and pushed out the last bit to the finish.

I think the guy I passed and that came in just behind me (had me running scared that last little bit). Thought I was going to die, because my breathing was out of control still and he asked what my HR was there at the finish. I had no idea, don't talk to me. I'm trying to recover and I can't breathe. I then had to wait for my card at the end and couldn't walk around. Blech.

Saw my sweet Lauren and asked if dad and the boys had finished. Nope. So I went to walk back on the course to come in with them, but they were right on the corner. My 7 yr old was holding one of his shoes and running into the finish, with my 4 yr old right behind him. Dad and the stroller brought up the end of the family.

Stayed around for prizes, which we won NONE of (5 entries and nothing!), but Nathan (my 4 yr old) did get to go up and get an awesome blanket (that only overall winners got) for being the youngest runner. YAY! He did run the majority of the race (except a little ride the 2 times he fell), so he deserved it.

The hardest thing about this for me is first of all, I was really feeling good about hitting a 44, but I think lost it in mile 4, but didn't realize it since I was still catching people and pushing hard. Then, I HATE my Age Group. I'm just not fast enough. 8th overall, but 5th in my AG. Those ladies are just speedy and put me to shame -shame I say! I hated watching everyone I'd pushed to catch and stay with and pass go up and get awards and I got nothin' for my efforts. Kind of mentally defeating...no, really mentally defeating. Then the HR idiot that I passed just barely was talking with Lily and Rachelle while I was also visiting with them and Rachelle was giving me the confidence boost that a solid 45 min on this course would easily translate to a sub 3:30 at SGM. "No, the best I've done was a 3:43" The idiot guy says. Uggghhh. Way to ruin any confidence I just instilled in myself. Last year was over 90 seconds slower on this course and I ran a 3:45, so I should be able to do better than that, right? At least my 3:35? Maybe? Ugghh. Like I said, just defeating. This was supposed to be my confidence boost and I just came out of it depressed. Stupid race.

My family, however, did a great job! Lauren finished in 34:23 and was the first 10 year old to come in, her AG was 10-13 and everyone in front of her was 12 or 13. The boys and dad finished in 44:30ish and there were only 2 kids younger than them that beat them (1-9 was the AG). Dad didn't come in last in his AG, that was his big worry :) Went and got to see the lovely Marion and stay for the parade afterward. A wonderful morning, which lead to a great nap in the afternoon! Happy Labor Day!!

Garmin info AP: 7:16 splits: 6:59, 7:07, 7:17, 7:12, 7:39, 7:26, 6:59 (last .21 recorded)

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 6.20
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Blech. BBK's know how to do it right. I may hate it, but they do it right! Met at Butterfield Canyon, just 3 miles from my driveway to the gate. I loved having it close!!!

Of course the only way to go is up, so for warm up we did 1.25 miles up and back, I added on enough to get 2.75. Then we started the fun. They pushed tempo miles up 3 miles then back down, but my legs are dragging from yesterday - add hills to that, um, yeah.... I was there and working, what more do you want? :) I turned around at 6.0, so 3.25 miles up the canyon and boy was it slow. The way down I was able to EASILY hit a few MP miles. Felt good, beautiful scenery and good chatting. Then did another up and down to finish up to 11.8 (had to even out from yesterday's 6.2). 

I was grateful for Becca hanging back with me as I struggled through the uphill. I didn't want to get eaten by a mtn lion, and I knew that would happen if I was left alone! I personally know someone who ran up and down the canyon nearly every morning until one day came face to face with a mtn lion. Also, from my neighbors that live near me and closer to the canyon, I've heard and seen pictures of their horses being attacked by mtn lions. So, yeah...thanks for saving my life Becca!!!

Went to the gym and did lift class - good weights class. It's been a long while since I've done so many lunges and triceps! Spent 15 min stretching afterward. I hope I start feeling the benefits in my heel soon. Yesterday's race really put the hurt on, it is already better today than yesterday afternoon, so I'm hopeful it was just temporary.

AP: 9:35 splits: 10:43, 8:50, 9:31, 10:33, 10:39, 11:15, 8:15, 8:01, 8:03, 9:56, 10:12, 8:46 (last .8). Can you tell the downhill from the uphill? :) Elevation gain of 2100 feet throughout the run. The 3 climbing miles (4-6) had 344, 467, 383 ft gain respectively.

This is the tarantula we saw while stretching near my car!

Inspire Yellow Racers Miles: 4.00Cookie Monsters - Take 2 Miles: 11.80
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

MEXICAN MOUNTAIN GOAT!! ...bring it on baby!

I had a fight with myself this morning and decided that no one would criticize me for recognizing that I needed more sleep, because even with a mtn dew I still was NOT functional last night. It may have been due to taking care of 9 children and I was the only adult, but still. So, I didn't get up and do my 6 mile hill route. I slept.

I forgot to make a reservation at the gym yesterday AM and by the time I called in the PM it was full. I called again this morning hoping for a cancellation so I could do the spin class and not have to go only 90 min from 10-11:30 when I was able to make a reservation. Well, I decided to just show up and see. They had a cancellation just before I got there. Yipee! So, I dropped off the kids and ran into spin class.

Another crazy spin teacher, out of the saddle too much and at wrong times and there are so many weird things about her form it's just unreal. I guess I've been really spoiled with spin teachers! Anyway, I pushed myself hard the way I know how and ended up having to mop the floor when I was done - success! :)

Then I went to the TM with tired legs to take on the Mexican Mtn goat in honor of Brent (BSRools) and his time down right now. Down, but NOT out! For those not familiar here is the break down:

10 min warm-up; 2 min @2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%; then 1 min@ 7%, 8%, 9%. Speed stays consistent (8:53 pace for me) and you have a 1 min rest between each climb at same speed, but 0% incline. On the way up I didn't rest until after 4%. Then you head back down doing another min @9%. Same deal, just down to 2%. I then finished off with a 1/2 mile push at -1% incline at 7:30 pace, sped to 6:53 for the last .15 mile. (AP: 8:48)

I felt a lot stronger than I remember in the past doing this workout. I finished and didn't feel dead. Always a good sign! Picked up kiddos and then stretched while they played on the rockwall for a minute.

Good things about the new rec center change: drive time!! Family uses it more. Seeing old friends and teachers from my 'little gym'!!! Price, I can actually afford to pay a whole year at once. No cafe to have to pull the kids out of on our way out "no, I NEEEEED a treat!"

Bad things: day care reservations - blech! spin teachers - blech! No music overhead at the TM so I have to listen to my own which I'm bad about adding new to, so it gets old fast. No towels, have to bring and wash my own, Lifetime spoils you. Kids on the move class instead of sitting in the day care for my 4 yr old, he loved it today! Having to pay additional for day care, I might go broke!

Overall, I'm happy with the change, but will miss some things at club Hollywood. Maybe the spin teachers can just do a clinic for the ones here and then it will be 90% better :)

Cookie Monsters - Take 2 Miles: 6.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Thanks to the power being out last night, at 9:30 PM there was nothing better to do than go to bed - so I did! First time I've been asleep before 10 in a LOOONG time. Made getting up early for BBK's that much easier. Good thing too - after the last 3 days I needed a good rest!

We had Yassos on the docket today and when I started running I was scared. Legs were tired and lead, just didn't want to move. After all I've put them through I couldn't quite blame them, but I wanted to really hit these Yassos for a good predictor. I'd been waiting all year for them! 3 miles of slow warm up, not even able to keep up with the group. We did 3 laps warm-up afterward on the track just before the 800's (1 easy, 2 with pickups on the straights). Here it goes...ready or not:

1- 3:24 (.52) RI: 2:25

2- 3:22 (.51) RI: 2:34

3- 3:25 (.51) RI: 2:35

4- 3:21 (.51) RI:  2:28

5- 3:25 (.51) RI: 2:37

6- 3:25 (.51) RI: 2:51

7- 3:21 (.50) RI: 2:30

8- 3:23 (.50) RI: done!!! no 'lap' recorded.

So, I guess I actually feel pretty good about these. Especially knowing that they were on tired legs that didn't feel like they wanted to move at the beginning of the run. The RI were a bit shorter than they should've been as well, but still a good predictor that I can hit that 3:35:00 at SGM. I do believe now, I do believe!

Cool down mile with Becca afterward, the wedding is coming too fast :( It's not the wedding so much, but the moving afterward.

Last quality workout this week is Saturday's MP miles at Spanish Fork Half. Goal will be 8:00mm (1:45 finish). Let's hope the legs will cooperate for one more, then we will start the taper - oh blessed taper!!!

AP: 8:31 warm-up splits: 9:25, 8:44, 9:11, 8:45 (.75 on track) cool down: 10:37 - yeah speed was left on the track!!!

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 11.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

A wonderful 'rest' day. I needed the sleep and time off the road. 

Spin class, good 60 minute push.

Swim, 32 laps. Usually this is a mile, but I think this pool is more like 25 yds and not Meters, but I didn't have time for more - daycare was calling...

Getting ready for tempo miles tomorrow.

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Race: Spanish Fork Half-Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:42:01, Place overall: 10, Place in age division: 3
Total Distance

Well, I had decided to run this race as a good tempo to lock in my MP. When I figured out that an 8:00mm translated to a 1:45 I was a little nervous. That is kind of fast for me at a half. My best half is 1:40:54, so a 1:45 isn't all that easy! At SGM half in January I was racing all out and hit a 1:42:41 and thought I might die at the finish...1:45 wasn't going to come easy. I was scared. Plus, I think taper madness is starting, because I keep feeling all these little aches and pains that worry me. Grrr, confidence waning...

Got to the race in time to get my bib and do a short 1 mile warm-up to loosen it all up so I could hit the paces right off. I finished just shy of a mile, but had to hit the pop before start time! I had maybe 3 minutes afterward to line up and get ready to go. I wished Merri good luck and we were off. I really wanted someone who was doing 8mm to pace me so I didn't have to look at my watch, HATE looking at my watch. 

Just after we started my watch lapped. What the heck?!? Crap! I forgot to reset it after the warm-up. Dang. So, all my splits are 1/5-1/4 of a mile off. Oh well, I wasn't tracking overall time, I wanted the AP for splits. My first came it at 7:54, still scared. That was too hard for just under! Next: 8:07, crap...it's all over. No! Stay strong, pick it up! By mile 3 my caffeine from the beginning of the race had kicked in and confidence returned. There was a nice little hill around mile 4 and I thought "this really is my little SGM! I just hit Veyo." :) Mile 4 split was 7:39 - oops! Feeling too good and a little downhill, but I'll bank it!

On the first out and back it was fun to see all the rock-stars (Merri) leading the race! Awesome!! On the way out I saw Lowell, Terry, Karen and Toby. All looking strong and running well. Lowell tried to get me to turn and run with them, but I denied him and kept running my tempo - sorry Lowell.

Got to go back down that 'veyo' hill in mile 7, then headed out on the River trail. I took a gu at the aid station just before 8, and I thought "man, I am struggling! It seems so much harder to keep pace." Just like in Riverton I struggled 8-10. However, we had a nice headwind and I didn't realize how uphill it was until the turn around and I felt like I was effortlessly flying down! Nice! Passed the leaders on the way in and the gang on the way out. I like the multiple out and backs on this course. Tried to encourage all I crossed!

I don't remember splits after that 7:39 except that somewhere (9 maybe?) I hit a 7:40 as well and felt good! After 10 I decided to push a little and see what I could get on the flat/downhill to the finish. There was a group of guys I caught up to around mile 11ish and one guy didn't want to let me go! (oh, that HR "I can only run a 3:45" guy from Payson? Passed him at mile 10.5 and he said "well, you got me again!" I didn't even recognize him. Glad I could show him who was boss once more!). So, this guy, Regan I think, just matched me stride for stride. We are about the same height and after a while I said "just pull me to the finish" He responded "that's what you are supposed to do." We matched stride and pace elbow to elbow all the way to the finish! Even helped one another with a strong push to the finish line. It was SO nice!! Great to not have a female that you are 'competing' with and just be able to help each other!

I was surprised to see the clock still in the 1:41's when it came into view. I couldn't believe I'd overshot my goal by so much and still felt good. I might just be able to do this after all! If I can maintain these paces (I'd have called this comfortably hard) on the flat/uphills of SF half, I can probably pull 8:00's at SGM. I'm gonna get that 3:35 if it kills me!! I want those darn BQ initials after my name before I turn 35 and can run slower! :)

I ran back on the course to get Lowell and he was far enough back I had to go down and up that little hill at the end again -blech! Then he was pushing the pace the last mile - slow down! yeah, he got treated to some good RAD whining :) Karen and Terry were right behind him and I didn't see Toby, so I went back to get her. I was ALMOST to the hill when I saw her. I was SO grateful I didn't have to do that one again. She was finishing up a 20 miler with this race and was still looking strong. I forced her to pass a few women at the end and she had her familiar Toby finishing speed pulled out of her :)

I checked the results and noticed I'd gotten 3rd in my AG! I was so excited! I guess all the speedy people stayed home to do their 20+ for SGM :) Either way, I'll take it. So, I offered to run with Toby and Karen their last 3 to finish off the 20 if they'd wait for me to get my medal. It was nice to get a little bling since they don't do finishers medals.

I did a nice easy few more miles with Karen and Toby and enjoyed every minute of it! Finished off 19 for the day, and didn't even realize I was that high until Karen added up my miles for me :) Nice to get some longer miles in and some good pace miles too. I'm ready for SGM! Just gotta hang on to the start line now.

Toby was nice enough to let me use her shower so I could attend Becca's bridal shower showered :) Didn't want to go home and back, I don't think I would've made it if I had. So, thanks Toby for a wonderful morning and refreshing shower :) I feel good (except for the tummy, I'm having issues...I think it's from the Advil I took last night to try and help my PF feel better during the race) and no soreness - so far!

Taper here I come!

warm-up: 9:27 (with fast start of the race)

AP for race: 7:47 splits (remember, they are off due to user error): 7:54, 8:07, 7:57, 7:39, 7:55, 7:47, 7:54, 7:49, 7:50, 7:40, 7:40, 7:42, 7:31 (last .88 I recorded, my last minute was all under a 7mm).

Cool-down AP: 10:00 splits: 9:45, 9:20, 10:23, 10:41, 10:01, 9:21 (just .05 to round out my miles to even).

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 19.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Today was a special day and run for me! It was Becca's 'bachelorette' run :) She is getting married early this morning, so I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to get in one last good run. It was SO nice to be with her this morning. Chad even got to join us for a couple miles (his normal running time - we were on his trail after all!) which I'm sure he enjoyed the wedding talk :) Better than company of skunks though I'm assuming.

 Becca was really worried about running into a skunk (can you blame her? I mean can you imagine getting sprayed on your wedding day?!?), which has happened to us before (but not sprayed)- and we did see some creature with glowing eyes. I think it was a cat, but we never got close enough to really see! We did get to see a shooting star and run under bright moonlight and had some great conversation. I'm sure gonna miss that girl when she moves to Texas, but I know how happy she'll be in her 'happy ever after' with David!

 Only bad part is that girl was haulin'! My quads are a bit sore after Saturday and Becca was pushing me, but it's all right, because she was doing most of the talking anyway :) Thanks Becca for SO many miles together! I will really miss you, our long chats, you pulling me through it all, you always willing to drive out to my house so I can be lazy, and stretching on the cool kitchen floor :) It's always hard to see a good friend leave, I'm just glad she is coming back! Well, having family here I expect she'll be back...soon :) CONGRATS Becca and David!!

AP: 8:27 splits: 8:44, 8:28, 8:28, 8:21, 8:36, 8:23, 8:25, 8:30, 8:29, 8:10

This picture was at the end of our run - a couple of sweaty girls!! You can see how dark it was when we FINISHED! Almost got to see the beautiful sunrise :)After a good shower :) yeah, I know it's blurry, but it's as good as you get with my camera.

Does this surprise anyone? :)

The happy couple!!!

Gotta get a good dress shot! Isn't it beautiful?!? You should see her bouquet, it is vintage jewelry in fabric flowers - SO beautiful, classic and really an heirloom!

Cookie Monsters - Take 2 Miles: 10.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up and wonder if running really is the best thing for you? Or if going back to sleep for a few more hours would honestly be more beneficial? Yeah...that is how I felt this morning. If my SIL hadn't been coming to BBK's I might've just bagged it, but I got up and got myself moving. I don't know how you people wake up at the 4-hour every day to run!?!

Easy 3 mile warm-up, loosen things up a bit. I could tell I was still dragging and tired and I didn't want to put any added strain on some of my little aches and pains creeping in, so I just ran and didn't push the mile repeats.

Just mile repeats? Ummmm, NO! This is the BBK's after all. We were at Parkway Palisades - home of the hills from H#$$!! You have 2 big climbs in the half mile out and one down, then the reverse on the way back (2 downs 1 monster up). I kept the pace around a 9mm average the whole time and I just ran it. I am surprised the miles were that fast honestly. I didn't do their little recovery out and back at then end of each mile or I would've really been left in the dust! So, each repeat I got a little further ahead. It was nice to finish with the leaders on the last one :)

Did a couple cool down miles afterward, and it really surprises me that my WU and CD were really what drug my AP so slow today. I certainly thought it would've been the hills. I guess that is the silver lining today.

AP: 9:27 splits: 10:09,  9:19, 9:10, 9:00, 9:08, 9:17, 9:19, 9:33, 9:13, 9:47, 9:52, 9:59 (last .2)

Came home grabbed 20 min sleep and got kids to school and then went to the gym. Lift class was full, so I thought I'd tag along with Kelli and Wendy, but couldn't find them. So, I did my own arms, legs, core workout 4 sets of everything then pushups and stretching to finish it all off. Now if I can just make it to 1:30 I'll get my nap!! 1:30...1:30...1:30....


Got my nap and tonight the kids' school had a mile race at the HS track for a fund raiser. David (7) and Lauren (10) both finished top in their grade. David's was a bit contested, but the kid that said he finished first wasn't in front of us....so? The 'finishing' was VERY random and was just on anyone's word. Plus, the kids were supposed to count 4 laps. Not the most organized, but honestly, it doesn't matter. The kids had a GREAT time and I loved running with them. We were unprepared and were all in flip flops so the kids dropped theirs and I ran in my flat, squishy tevas. They did them separate so I got to run with both of them. David only stopped a couple times, but would SPRINT through the 100M where everyone was cheering, Lauren didn't stop and kept a nice pace the whole time with a strong finish. So proud of them! Oh, and I can't forget Nathan (4) he ran the mile with the younger grades all by himself (I was helping David) and he finished in front of a bunch of kids older than he is! I had to laugh though, because he is definitely my most competitive child in races "I kept trying to pass the red shirt kid, but he would get in front of me and wouldn't let me pass! I still beat lots of WAAAAY bigger kids though." Such a cute little guy! A great job and a nice way to add a couple miles to the pile this week, plus - barefoot! :)

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 13.20
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

x-training day. I loved sleeping in - simply blissful! 

Hubby had an appointment early this morning, so I wasn't able to get out before hand for miles, but since I'm in my downward taper for SGM, it doesn't bother me much. 

Spin class - good hard effort and a nice puddle under the bike to show for it :) I actually almost liked this teacher. There were only a few things that she did that bugged me, but for the most part I was able to follow her plan for the class rather than improvising.

Masters Swim Class - first time I've been to an organized swim class in over 20 years! The teacher put me in the 'fast' lane though. It was kind of nice to be in the top lane, but I'm just glad no one was there with me today. They certainly would've passed me! Did an actual workout and she taught me how to do flip turns!! I can almost do them well...almost. The last thing we did was a 200M swim, but under the lap lanes (up and down each lane - like a triathalon) for the last exercise. I was proud of myself that I was able to do flip turns on each turn, this is a whole new skill for me and it's getting easier!! My 100's I even got in just under 2 min when I was pushing. It usually takes me about 1:10 to finish a lap. It's always fun to learn something new and to try a new sport. And to get the pounding off my feet and legs for a little bit :)

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

blech, blech and more blech. I really need to figure out how to make my stomach happy sometime in the next 2 weeks!! Tired and nauseated.

3 mile warm-up with BBK's

8 mile 'tempo' run. Man was I dragging today. I just couldn't push myself and I felt so blechy on top of it all. I swear I was running the first 4 (all uphill!!!) at a 7:30 pace! Nope, not even close.I must say though, that having people run 15-20 feet in front of you the whole run is really disheartening! I just couldn't keep up at first and then when they were about 15 feet away I just lost it mentally. "I'm too slow, I can't run with them, just take your place at the back, like you deserve." Lets just say it wasn't a good mental day for me.

Stopped for a drink at the top, then turned and just tried to feel like I was giving a decent effort on the downhill. At least I could hit some pace miles on the way back. Scared Dean and Michelle when I passed them. They were taking it easy and just chatting though. They must've gotten lost on the new route or stopped for a pop break.

Did .8 on my own afterward to cool down. Man, was THAT slow! (yes, only .8 - had to round out my miles from Tuesday).

I don't know what the crap I did to my ankle. I didn't roll it or feel a strain or pull or anything, but the last couple miles of the tempo it started hurting something fierce. Like I'd rolled it and was trying to run on it, but unless I was in some time warp I didn't do anything to it!! I don't get it...I guess my body is just trying to tell me to take a break. No running tomorrow, most likely. Unless this ankle shapes up.

AP: 8:40 splits: 9:33, 9:00, 8:59, 8:43, 8:28, 8:53, 8:42, 8:02, 7:55, 7:55, 7:57, 10:14 (last .80)

I guess I just get the big cockroach award today:

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 11.80
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Don't even get me started...

30 min (well, 25 really we started late) of spin class before my 1 yr old got kicked out of the nursery for a snotty nose. Which is probably most likely due to the fact he got it started crying as I left him. 

I came home and took out my frustration on the yard...3 hours of yard work.

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

Twelve fabulous, amazing and time-flying miles with Toby and Annette on the parkway this morning. Near perfect - just a little chilly. Fog on the river and steamin' hot runners bodies, ours of course were the hottest :)

8:59 AP splits:  9:33, 8:46, 8:50, 8:40, 8:49, 9:22, 9:06, 9:01, 9:03, 8;55, 8:44, 8:59.

Ankle held up fine...shin on the other hand, well, I'm not going to talk about it. I just want to get to SGM in one piece injury free. Is that really too much too ask?!?

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 12.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

No miles, just babying this shin until I have no pain. Since some professional advice given to me was that I am bordering pulling a tendon/muscle off of my tibia at this point and causing a nice little stress fracture. THIS is the tendon I'm having issues with. I will not be running until I have no pain.

The upside? Today feels SO much better than Saturday and Sunday and I haven't even downed my vitamin I yet! I am hopeful for a Saturday run, and maybe even Thursday at this point, but I will NOT push it. SGM is too important to me right now to play around with a crazy injury like this. I'm putting the "you can do nothing to help yourself in the last 2 weeks before a marathon - you can only hurt yourself" to the test. My legs know what to do, I just need to get them there healthy. I am enjoying the sleep though :)

Spin class - good hard effort, evident by the pool I could almost swim in under the bike. I don't understand how all the other people in the class don't sweat a puddle like I do! I go to change to get in the pool and my clothes are as wet as if I'd just jumped IN the pool. I'm a sweaty monkey!

Masters swim class. Good full hour of drills, speed, pulls and kicks. I like not having the monotony of just swimming and counting laps. Best news of the day: I can do flip turns! I remembered from last week and only missed a couple the whole time in class. I did have one really bad one at the end - got really disoriented and practically crashed into someone - oops. Still need some work :)

Hopes are high that I will get through this injury and still have a great SGM. My mileage goal for the year might just be out now, but I'm trying to put it in perspective and shooting for the most important goal for myself!

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

I'm getting tired of not being able to enter miles, but I'm not tired because I get to sleep in the morning! :)

No spin class this morning so it was just me dripping all over the floor and the bike in the corner of the gym. They don't let you use the spin room if there isn't a class, they have one lone bike in a corner of the track. Nice views out the window though. Too bad all the track walkers had to stare at my butt every lap! suckers.

Good full hour of hard work and cardio pumping like mad! Had to volunteer at the school, so that was all I had time for.

Good news, no great news is that I don't even think about my shin walking now! The PT seems to think it is more of a nerve problem than anything, which is even better news. I've got my exercises to stretch out the nerve in the sheath so that it doesn't cause so much pain and back stretches to help at the source. I was kind of skeptical about this 'nerve' thing until last night I did the stuff and MAGIC! Seriously, the pain was GONE! I could walk, jump, skip with no pain. Crazy weird I tell you - crazy! Still some tendon/muscle damage which is most likely causing the swelling that is making the nerve react, so I must still be careful, but it's nice to know my bones aren't crumbling away. I've got got a good case of the nerves.

I think if things go well today/tonight with stretching etc that I will try just a short 3 mile run tomorrow morning. I will NOT push through pain and will stop if I feel any, but I'm hopeful that there will not be any or very little.

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Bagged the run today. Not because I feel like the leg couldn't handle it (I think the leg is about 90%), but because I'm lazy :) I got to get wined and dined with hubby last night at Ruth's Chris. Oh SO yummy!!! Filet with blue cheese crust, asparagus and broiled tomatoes. Seriously yum! I just couldn't handle the $1500 price tag that came with it! :) Glad the company is treating.

So, got home late and then since I've been spoiled with sleeping I just wanted to sleep. I will do the BBK workout tomorrow at a normal pace. Always better to have people waiting for you to get up!

Went to the gym and did spin class - This teacher I like better than most and it was definitely hard. She did a good 10+ minute hill climb with high resistance, ahhh make it hurt so good!

Masters swim class - 60 minutes hard workout. I've found that on flip turns when I'm pushing myself I can't breathe! I just can't push breath out that long. I'm sure the lifeguard at the end of the lane thinks I'm drowning as I come up and gasp for air every lap when we're going at a faster pace. Timed a 200 today - 4:06, with nearly drowning myself twice on flip turns trying to get under the lap lane. Yeah...still working on that one.

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Got up and did the BBK workout. They had a 5 mile tempo on the docket, but I just wanted to make sure I still knew how to run and that my leg would be okay. Well, it's not better (from yesterday), but it's not worse either and luckily, I still know how to run.

Ran with Cheryl and it was a great run. Nice to be out and it felt more comfortable than I would've anticipated for the resulting AP. Cheryl kept a nice pace and we'd ebb and flow a bit on it, but I didn't care. I was just happy to keep up and have some company. She tried to shoo me off and told me to feel free to go faster, but I didn't want to go faster - I was just letting her set the pace.

Did a short cool down to round out to 6 miles. Stretched well and headed home. You know, I'm really sick of how cold it is! I have to crank up the heater in the car to keep from shivering and then wrap up in a warm blanket at home to stop shivering. I really like warm...really.

AP: 8:32 splits:  8:45, 8:44, 8:16, 8:28, 8:12, 8:46

Went to the gym and tagged along with Kelli's arm burner workout. Every muscle group 4X then we went out to the mats and I tried to breathe while Kelli made planking look easy. 60 seconds middle/side/side then 25 push-ups (yeah, did 'em girly style) - 4X. A nice chat and stretch to finish things off.

Oh, how I love taper time!

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 6.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Five K Friday

Couldn't decide what to do today. I need to do something. I'm getting restless, so I decided a good 5K would be the plan to loosen things up and then just ellip the rest of the hour -stretch and call it good. 

Started slow, first 1/4 mile at 10mm then the remaining at 9:13 - actually felt better to pick it up a little. 2nd mile 8:34, 3rd mile 7:53 (hopeful MPish) then a 7:00 pace for the last .10 to finish it all off. The MP mile felt worse than it should have. Maybe it was the TM, maybe it was me, maybe it was the pain, maybe it was my brain, I just kept thinking how there is no way in heaven or h$&& I can run this fast for 26.2 miles and I'm crazy to think so!

Why is it that self-doubt, depression, anxiety and pain have to be apart of the taper toward the goal you've been shooting for and training towards for the last 7 months of your life! I'm sick of it! I want a new brain.

AP for the 5K was around 8:30

Finished up with 30 min on the elliptical at a good consistent effort, then a good calf stretching session. Funny thing is, the shin is feeling better by the day (not 100%, but better...maybe 80ish?) and I couldn't even feel it on the elliptical or when I got off, but my PF has kicked my butt again. It aches - sore and painful. uggghhhh. SO tired of this!!! I just want to get to the start line feeling good and not on drugs. C'mon body - we can do this, right?

Cookie Monsters - Take 2 Miles: 3.10
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Had a great run on the PRT with Smooth, Slick, Jun, Toby, Karen, Wendy, Jon & Kelly, and I think Wendy's husband John. I didn't realize everyone else was smarter than me and only running 8, so I'd planned on 10.9 to even out miles this week (okay, the trail is 5.5 out and back, so I was just giving myself a little break - I'm not THAT crazy). 

Jun and I just chatted our way up to the 3 mile fountain and we all regrouped then ran to mile 4 as one big conglomerate. I love it! Everyone just chatting with everyone and running along like we're at a party. Well, mile 4 comes and everyone else stops and turns around. I really wanted my 10.9, and Jun was willing to tag along so off we went. 

Man that guy keeps a wonderfully smooth pace! even on the uphills where I would start to pull back, he would keep pace and surge to the top and crest and recover perfectly. What an awesome runner! And we weren't even on trails :) Unfortunately he took the 'short cut' home and from about 7.5 on I was solo.

Got to the drinking fountain around 8 miles and I was done. Wishing I had only run 8. Feet and legs aching, stomach ready to throw up, wanted to lay down and sleep - yeah, Rachel pity party! But, I knew the only way back was to just get going. How in the world am I going to run faster than this for 18 more miles next week? I AM crazy. Finally at mile 10 the pity party/excuse making time was over and I decided to just run. Well, guess what. I picked up the pace a little and I forgot a lot about the aches and pains and just settled in. What a difference making my brain turn off does.

I finished just before the park so I got to walk the last .15ish back and I saw everyone loading up cars and heading off. I'd missed not only good chat time during miles, but even the after party. Why did I need 11 miles again? dumb.just.dumb. Smooth left a TON of food for me though - I mean, I know I'm big, but I don't really eat THAT much. Good thing my kids do :)

So, all in all it wasn't quite the confidence builder I had hoped it would be, but it wasn't all that bad either. I didn't eat or drink anything before the run or have any fuel, so that could be a lot of my lightheaded/upset stomach issues. It wasn't hard, but it certainly didn't seem as easy as I'd hoped either. I really need to just get rid of this pain this next week. It MUST be my first priority. When I run in pain I think about every step and it's a huge mind trick, I just need to learn to let go and run. I CAN do this, I just need to plug in and believe it.

AP: 9:06 splits: 9:34, 9:26, 9:08, 9:30, 8:50, 8:50, 8:50 (3 miles with Jun - really? I've never ran that consistently in my life. I'm tellin' ya - the guys a machine!), 8:57, 9:15, 9:19 (pity party), 8:25 (settled in!).

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 10.90
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Nothin' - yup nothin'. 

Kids are off track and they slept in until 11ish, so I'd missed my swim class by then and I didn't want to spend $5.00 at the daycare just to run 4 miles, so I bagged it. 

I did get to play washing machine repairman though. Between my aptitude with the machine, the owners manual and google I fixed the electrical problem and felt pretty cool for saving myself a $75-$100 service fee. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome :)

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Good taper workout with the BBK's. I got there early because I got kicked out of my bed by my 4 year old and I wasn't really sleeping all that much anyway. So, they only did 4, but I did a mile before the crowd showed up. 

So, I had 3 warm-up miles then we went to the track for a mile of quick speed work. I did 4-200M pushes, not all out, but kept a nice pace. When I'd glance at the watch it was usually low 6's and so on the last one I pushed the last 100 and got it down to the 5's - 5:05 was the fastest moment of time the garmin caught. Nice.

Leg and foot felt better today than they have in the last 10 days. Good confidence boost. There is only one nagging pain on my heel left and I didn't even notice my shin at all today. I guess rest and NSAIDs really do help heal the body :)

AP: 8:54 splits:  9:51, 8:53, 8:34, 8:00, 9:14

I feel more confident about Saturday now, still anxious and need to feel out the whole timing thing. I want to know my 1/2 split, 20 mile and 23 mile splits (where I'd like them to be for goal time). I can't handle mile splits - too much info! I can't do math when I run. I think I've got a good feel for them, but sometimes when I look at those splits I can't believe I think I can run that fast.

"I always loved running...it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."
-Jesse Owens

"Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself."
-John Bingham, running speaker and writer 

"Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?'. The answer is usually: 'Yes'."
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

"I run because it's so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can't. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you're capable of so much more than you thought."
--Arthur Blank 

Cookie, Cookie Miles: 5.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

we are cleaning....daily cleaning, getting ready for our trip.

I was going to run, but I decided to sleep in. This taper is making me lazy! So, I thought...hmmm, excuse: I will wait for my new shoes to get delivered then run a couple in them. Well, I just ended up with more excuses and more things to do as the day wore on and after the shoes came. 

Oh well.

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Yup, you read that right...4.8 - gotta save that last .2 for Saturday. 

The fearless (and wonderfully well-read and SMART) leader of the BBK's, Cheryl, found the perfect workout for us today. It was a small group, just Cheryl, Peggy, Debbie and me. We had a wonderful nice and easy warm-up for about 2.5 miles, then back down to Bingham HS we did 30 sec on/ 30 sec off pick-ups. I felt pretty cool, because I was keeping up with Peggy :) obviously I was putting more work into the pick ups than she was. It really felt GREAT to open it up and pick up the downhill. WHHEEEEEE! I'm so ready! Looks like the Garmin had me reaching low 6's and high 5's. I tell ya, effort certainly didn't feel like that! I would've guessed more like low 7's high 6's. I guess that is what a taper does for you :)

Then we hit the track for the 'workout'. Cheryl and Peggy had done this before SGM in the past and felt that it really helped all who did it, so I trusted my fearless leaders that this will be good for me! It is a 'carb depletion' workout. We did 2 X 400's all out, with a good recovery in the middle. You wanted to be recovered, but not have the HR drop all the way - still warm. First 400 I started out WAY too fast. Which is evident by the Garmin catching me under a 5:00mm for over 20 seconds. Yeah, by the 200 mark I was done. Still finished in I think around a 1:20ish. I was smarter the second lap and didn't try to keep up with Peggy out of the gate :) work hard for a strong finish. During this lap I spent a full minute under a 5:06 pace. Finished the lap as well in 1:20ish. Didn't have as strong a finish as I'd hoped, but I'm still just amazed that I held that low of a pace for so long! I felt strong and the best news Cheryl gave us: you don't have to EVER run that fast in the marathon! :)

We did some cool down for everyone to help me get to my .8 - it was a great morning run! Oh, I forgot about the most important part of the workout. Right after you finish you are to down a carb drink to push the carbs into the body and refuel. So I had 40g of carbs down the hatch - liquid form - before the cool down.

I'm feeling strong and confident. I wish my heel/PF wasn't bugging as much as it is, but you know...it hurts to a point, then it doesn't hurt any more. I'm stretching, icing, rolling Nsaid-ing and doing everything right. So, I just have to wait and be patient - and shut out the pain on Saturday.

AP: 8:40 splits: 9:37, 9:01, 8:27, 6:56 (remember, only 1/2 of this mile was the sprints!), 9:27 (last .8)

I can't wait for Saturday, I really can't. I want this so bad...I feel the need to be "bona-fide BQ" a 10 minute cushion on it would be great, but more than anything I just want those initials. I want to say I qualified. So...I can't get in, because I'm too slow, but I don't care! I just want that BQ!!!

Carb load and fuel day! Today is the day. What you put in today is what your body will use Saturday. Feed it wisely! :) I just can't wait!!!!!!!

OEOHFPPE Miles: 4.80
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance
Cookie, Cookie Miles: 124.10Inspire Yellow Racers Miles: 10.00Cookie Monsters - Take 2 Miles: 30.90OEOHFPPE Miles: 4.80
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
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