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Pocatello Half Marathon

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Jan 01, 2009



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Age Division Winner

Running Accomplishments:

St George Marathon: 3:23:54 (10/6/12)

Half IM: 5:44:03 (8/25/12 - course was long!)

25K trail - Buffalo Run (16.5) 2:34:50

Half Marathon: American Fork - 1:30:44  6/23/12

Spectrum 10K 43:42   3/17/2012

Best 5K: Spanish Fork 21:55 05/30/09

Short-Term Running Goals:

Okay, so for 2013 I am going to have FUN! Not that running isn't always fun, but I had a wonderful breakthrough year last year and I want to play this year :) AND get faster! So, my first goal I'm going to put out there is my yearly mileage goal.
It is 2,186 miles from my driveway to my sister (QP's) driveway! I want to spend this year on a virtual trek cross country running those miles. So, that is how far I will run in 2013...from my house to QPs. It will take all year and yes, this is measured on Hwys so it isn't really exactly how I COULD run it, but good enough. 43 miles/week...totally doable, and a fun goal to track how far I've traveled as I go along. Who knows...maybe I'll even run PAST her house :)

I will do more trail runs, Boston, Pacing duties, another Half IM and some other tris. I'm excited for this next year and look forward to having fun with all of you out on the roads, and trails! Maybe bag a few peaks this year too!!

Long-Term Running Goals:

Big Dreams: 5K in 20:2X; 10K in 39:XX; Half in 1:29:XX; Full in 3:15:XX; complete the Rim2Rim2Rim run and not die; Comrades; Iron(wo)Man.

Run for the rest of my life!


4 children: twelve, eight, five and baby Fartlek - 2 1/2. Wonderful supportive husband that lets me drag him and the family all over for race after race!

Finished 13 marathons and LOVE running that distance! I'm definitely hooked to the marathon monster and hope to constantly improve my endurance, speed and stay injury free!

I've also found a love of trail running! I hope to keep improving on this front.

After being injured with a broken foot at the first of 2012 I found a tri group and started training with them and am now loving tris! The half IM was harder than I'd ever imagined...and am ready to do it again. I'll earn my bike butt and someday have enough time to train for a full IM.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
BIKE MILES Lifetime Miles: 1168.40
LUCY MILES Lifetime Miles: 25.25
Adidas Lifetime Miles: 319.66
Orange II Lifetime Miles: 390.41
Boston Mizuno Lifetime Miles: 568.97
Fargo Nikes Lifetime Miles: 500.03
BEANS Lifetime Miles: 755.00
Orange Bostons Lifetime Miles: 527.59
Solomon Trail Lifetime Miles: 363.98
PI Tri Shoes Lifetime Miles: 4.00
Boston Mizuno 10s Lifetime Miles: 140.75
New Orange Lifetime Miles: 157.05
Total Distance
TTT #1 Miles: 135.00Awesome Elixers Miles: 18.00Purple People Runners Miles: 56.50Pink Altras Miles: 8.50BIKE MILES Miles: 67.30
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Race: Pocatello Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:59:56
Total Distance

I was SO grateful for the hook up I got to pace this half marathon! Lowell has asked me to come up and do this race, but between Park City and SGM? nah. I never knew there was a half though! So when offered to pace the 2:00 slot I jumped on it. Quite a few other fabulous runners from SLC joined the marathonpacing.com team to pace this race as well and I was privileged to drive 4 of them up to Pokey as well. 

We met at my home at 2PM on Friday. Rachelle, Julie C, Jonathan Crampton (runs Utah Race Pacers) and Blaine Hawkes (runs Lehi Round-up) and I all crammed into my little Honda Civic and drove up to Pocatello. Great company and fun stories all around. 

We had a shift to work at the expo booth with specific instructions on how to talk to racers about pace teams. It was a lot different than I was used to, but it was nice to talk to the runners and get to know them before the race. A lot of people thought they'd have to pay for it! Crazy! Anyway, we also got to go to the pasta dinner for the race and it was okay food...well, the salad and vegetarian lasagna were okay :) Afterward Rachelle and I decided to hit the streets of Pocatello and go get frozen yogurt (ice cream for me) and any extras we needed. Then we settled in for a night of restless sleep.

It rained nearly all night and the thunder through the thin plexiglass front of our room didn't provide a lot of sound insulation. But, it made getting up easier. Out the door by 6:10 to meet the other pacers in the lobby and take a shuttle to the park...then the bus to the start. Meh, no pressure race. As long as we got there. Besides the rockin' early 90's music on every speaker in Pocatello it was all rather uneventful. Except the fun chatter!

At the start I was a little overwhelmed with the number of people following me like I was the mother hen. Yes, I had my 2:00 pace sign, but give me some room people! I guess I should've been a little better about chatting them up beforehand, but when the marathoners started running by I wanted to go and cheer them on (the full starts at 6:15 and the half at 8:00 AT the 13.1 mile mark so we got to see a few marathoners and fellow pacers fly by). I guess I get a FAIL for pre-race chatter :) I did chat with them for about 10-15 minutes BEFORE the runners came by and the couple minutes before the start when we lined up though. That counts for something...right?

The race started with no gun and as I was chatting with my peeps in the group I turned and there was 15 feet of no one in front of us. Crap! GO! So, we went and I continued my chatter the first half mile. The interesting thing about this pace group is that they don't allow you to run with a GPS. Just a stop watch. That is all. The director doesn't like the false credibility given to garmins and such and doesn't want to deal with mixed feed back of pacer garmin v runners garmin, so he just says you don't use one as a pacer. I had a pace band and had to time my splits by the mile markers on the road.

I knew the first mile would be a guessing game until I saw the split and if I needed to speed up or slow down. This was my biggest worry! That first mile and getting the pace locked in my legs. Thanks to Rachelle in front of me and gauging off her 8:24 pace for 1:50 I hit the first one right on the money. Excellent! Not every mile would be that smooth, but it worked for the first one to lock in the pace. My gripe was that the mile markers were all for the marathon. None for the half, so we had to play mathematician as we ran to add the constant pace for the .1 of a mile to the time when we hit the .9 markers each mile. Have I ever mentioned my brain doesn't work when I'm running? :)

I had a fairly large group to start with and some really amazing peeps and we all had fun chatting along the way and sharing stories. With a tail wind, sometimes the sign would blow off my shoulder, so I would hold it. This poor guy who was always right off my L shoulder got jabbed with the stick a couple times when I had it in my hand instead of up. So, it turned into my cattle prod :) We ate hills for breakfast and was cheered on by a train flying by on the tracks next to us! That was probably my favorite part of the race!! The train rumbling by and the wind you felt from it and just the energy it put into me! That mile was probably a little fast :)

I cautioned my runners at the first GU station that if they hadn't trained with Gu (lots of first timers!) to NOT take any! If they did they would most likely meet my friend porta-John - from one end or the other, so just don't do it! We then discussed gu and fuel and had a good conversation about how to properly fuel for a race. I hope they remember it!

About mile 8 or 9 (after a couple good downhill miles) I was about 40 seconds ahead of pace. My group nearly all still with me, but I told them we were walking through the aid station and to actually get fluids IN. A few of the guys (the one always getting proded!) took off ahead and trying to maintain pace I let them go. They were running strong and pulled enough ahead I lost track of them! Shortly after there was the most significant hill of the course under the freeway. Because of the staggered start of the race there were lots of marathoners shooting for 3:40-3:45 around us. It was fun to be able to pick them up and help them too. I did this for one guy on the hill. He was walking and I said "C'mon, don't give up now. You can follow our pace - you've come this far!" and I convinced him to power up the hill with us. He said "thanks SO much for that!" at the aid station and took off.

The last few miles of the race are now in town on the road and not nearly as scenic and beautiful as the first part, but there are more crowds to cheer you on. I'd tell the spectators "We won't tell your loved ones you cheered for us too!" :) They'd always laugh at that one. I love to get the crowd involved.

By this time I was down to 2 original groupies. Joette (Lowell's friend that he entrusted in my care) and another girl (I don't remember ANY names!! Emmy maybe?) and they were plugging right along! I totally lost track of miles between 8 and 12! We'd come to a mile marker and they seemed to come SO fast and I'd forget which mile we were at and have to wait until I could see the sign to read my pace band for where we should be! We'd lost our cushion and were about 40 seconds behind pace - shoot. Too much fun. So, I didn't walk the next couple aid stations and utilized the flatish downhill to pick it up. By mile 12 (11.9) we'd made it up and were right on track! During mile 11 There were a couple marathoners that I helped and pulled along (one poor girl that puked twice!). They could no longer maintain their 8:30's they were shooting for, but our 9:10 was doable. It felt great to not only push my half crew, but to help struggling marathoners as well.

At mile 12 my last 2 ladies left me in their dust...so I grabbed walking marathoners and halfers and convinced them to run! Then, they'd leave me in their dust :) So, my last half mile was really pretty lonely. As I came trotting into the finish chute with huge crowds I was all alone and just said "all my groupies left me in their dust!" Got a few good laughs. According to the timex I crossed at 1:59:56 and later saw that it was also my official chip time! Excellent. I felt like my first non-garmin, high stress (guy is super organized and a little crazy about making sure pacers are RIGHT on), unknown course pacing job turned out well.

Rachelle and I took off afterward to run back on the course and find Smooth and Lowell and to get some extra miles. Only problem was my legs were locked in at 9:10 pace and hers at 8:24 and neither wanted to compromise! :) So, I got left in the dust again...except when she was nice and would come back for me. I just could NOT get my legs to go faster! About mile 1.25 or so, we saw Smooth running strong! What an animal that lady is! Park City in 5:00 2 weeks ago, then 4:27 was her finish for Pocatello full today! I'm so impressed with how well she is coming back - like she didn't miss a beat. When we got to the finish chute for Smooth I turned back and went to collect Lowell and harass him a little bit. Great fun afterward! I also saw 2 of my runners that had started with me...behind the 2:20 pacers. The girls had just had different issues that had pulled them back. Broke my heart! BUT, they all finished!

At the finishers corral they have BBQ sandwiches and Baked Potatoes - holy cow! What a feast. Too bad I'm not a pork fan and wasn't too hungry. I did eat 60% of the potato though, except I may have eaten more sour cream and butter than potato :) Said good-byes to Smooth and Lowell and then Bronwyn (the 2:10 pacer) took Rachelle and I back to the hotel. We weren't sure how strict the Noon check out would be and with only 20 minutes left we discussed the possibility of getting a shower pacer. If you dropped the soap and lost too much time it might just turn into a bawling DNF! :)

After saying good-byes to new, amazing fellow pacers that we met we packed all five of us (3 had paced the FULL) into my little Civic and started for home. We stopped in Tremonton and then again in Kaysville. Kaysville was supposed to be a quick, you'd hardly remember we stopped stop. Oops! Krispy Kreme's drive thru was SO slow!! I think we spent 20 minutes there. We asked for free donuts for waiting so long and we got them! They were all consumed (as well as the ones purchased) by the time we got back on the freeway. Should've just gone in and stretched the legs!

It was a wonderful weekend/Day away from home with great company. Fun stories shared all around and memories to last a lifetime. I'd definitely go back and pace this one again! No question. No question. Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to do so as well.

TTT #1 Miles: 16.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Race: Payson Onion Days (6.2 Miles) 00:44:38, Place overall: 9, Place in age division: 2
Total Distance

I don't have much time to write, so I'll finish up later...but I was pleased that I set a course PR for myself today. With mediocre training I expected worse than last year when I was feeling fast and great! Kamakazie just seems to work well for me :) 6:48 first mile and an AP of 7:11? yeah... I just decided, why not? 

Family came and did the 5K. My little 8 yr old took 4th! SO close to placing!!

I had a great time visiting with Rachelle and thanks to all you speedy UT county ladies that stayed in bed this morning :) it was nice to place behind Jen Hughes for 2nd in my AG! She only beat me by like 6 min!!!

I did some cool down miles before awards and then waiting for the parade to start, so a total of 3.8 to round out to 10 for the day.

Awesome Elixers Miles: 10.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

After Onion Days push yesterday, I wasn't sure my legs wouldn't turn to lead at the mere mention of hills, but I knew the Newtons would push me! So, I put together a hill workout for us...I asked NOT to be reminded that it was my idea if I started to whine :)

We did 1.3ish to the bottom of temple hill on 4000W (the road in front of Oquirrh Mtn Temple). Then we did hill repeats over the top and back - I've decided to call these crosswalk hills, because we go from crosswalk to crosswalk. You push the uphill (about 1/4 mile) then recover the downhill on the other side; turn and the crosswalk and repeat. A total of 6 repeats - or 3 out and backs. 

After that fun we ran easy to the top, around the temple and to the 'temple track' on the South side hill. We divided in groups (fastest and slowest together, then 2 middles together - so Chad got stuck with me and Paul and George teamed up). Each partner ran a different direction on the loop, so each way got done and then we raced to see who could win! Fun times. The 2nd time Paul and George came really close to redeeming their first round loss, but Chad pulled it out for our team. He always ran the anchor :)

Then we did another mile-ish out and back to recover, regrouped at the fire-hydrant by the temple for the last part of the workout. A tempo mile. Now that our legs were nice and tired you got to push out a tempo as fast as your legs would go. Last year when I did this with BBKs I did a 7:11 mile and was pretty impressed with myself. I was hoping to at least hit that today. Thank goodness I didn't! I hit a 6:51 mile!! Woot Woot!! Now, that made me happy. A 20 second improvement from last year, I can't really complain - especially with the race yesterday.

We then had 2.8 left to finish up 10 miles and just looped the inner island on the lake and headed back to the cars nice and easy. I was getting tired and felt like I needed fuel. Good thing we were done, because I sure was! Paul had brought donuts as his re-entry fee into the group after a long sabbatical, so we chatted and stretched and I got the inside scoop on his proposal :) I still wasn't ready to eat...if I did it would've ended up in the gutter!! But, I took one home for me and another for hubby (to bribe him since I was a little late) and I enjoyed it bit by bit through the day....mmmm, donuts!

Glad I got this workout in, I've wanted to hit hills hard for a while now...and I've got it in the bank. Tomorrow...I'm sleeping in!!

AP: 8:24 splits: 8:42, 8:14, 8:17, 8:35, 7:49, 8:52, 7:24, 8:32, 8:56, 9:03 - love to see lower splits on hill repeats! I will conquer them eventually.

Afterward went and spun the legs out at the gym on the bike for 45 minutes - good, consistent, but easy effort (comfortably hard). Then did side walks, lunges and planks (front/side/side 60/60/60)

TTT #1 Miles: 10.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Slept in. Heaven. 

Rode the bike with Adam down to the rec center.

Wanted to do just 4 miles, but I hate the TM. So, I did one mile on the TM (8:27) then one mile on the track with a good push (7:01), another one on the TM (8:20), and finished off with a speedier one on the track (6:51).

TT: 30:39  AP: 7:40

I would stop the TM, wipe my face and head right out to the track, so maybe 10 seconds recovery, but not too much. It was nice to see some good speed come out of the legs after a hard workout Mon and Tues. I'm not such an embarrassment to the running community anymore :)

Finished off with my 'runner helps' exercises. Band walking, big toe/little toe heel raises, lunges, weighted stability bridges alternating leg lifts. I would do one set, then sprint one lap around the track. Did a total of 4 sets and 4 sprints. Didn't add that to my mileage for the day, because .36 miles would just screw everything up! Gotta keep miles even.

Finished off with 10 min of good stretching on the machines.

Then I rode home the long way with Adam, probably about doubled the mileage home. So, about 9 miles on the bike total.

Purple People Runners Miles: 4.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Urban Trail Loop. My legs are nice and heavy from pushing some good workouts this week and having 4 straight days of running in who knows how long! I've got to get them back for SGM though!! Only 4+ weeks left, which really means two. I can do this, I can do this!

I hung in the back with Paul and just kept a nice even effort. I was happy to see a little progression, especially on the uphills. The slower miles in the middle must have been the change in footing from trail to gravel etc. Only thing I can figure anyway. 

Chad had asked if I wanted to do 3 more afterward, but after my 8 I declined. I can tell that my legs aren't used to the pounding and I'm not injured, but I felt like if I continued on and did push more miles that I could possibly open things up to injury. So, I just went home to sleep. It was only 6:30 and the sun wasn't up. I got an hour of sleep before I had to wake up kids...blissful! Especially since I've turned into an old lady and went to bed at 9:30 last night too!

AP: 8:48 splits: 9:05, 9:00, 8:37, 8:25. 8:41, 8:42, 9:08, 8:48.

After kids got off to school I did P90X Yoga and wow, I forgot how hard it is (especially with at 2 year old crawling all over you)! BUT, it was so worth it afterward. I feel nice and stretched out and not tight and sore anymore. Perfect. Ready for an easy day tomorrow...then 18 on Saturday. Anyone want to let me tag along?

TTT #1 Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Finally felt confident enough in my foot (PF) to try out my Altras for a little run. I bought them at the DesNews expo, the day before my PF blow up! So, this was my maiden run and I have to say everything went well and felt great. Just some good TM miles chatting with a friend. 8:27AP 1% incline, as always.

Hit the pool for the remainder of my 1hr15min daycare time. Got a full 30 min of swim in with 20 min of straight pulling. It felt really weird to swim without the paddles after using them for so long. I got tired of counting, so I have no idea how far I swam.

Oh, and I rode the bike to/from the rec center with Adam - so kind of a mini sprint tri this morning.

Trying to psych myself up for an 18 miler tomorrow....

Pink Altras Miles: 3.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Whew, am I glad that is done! I always get lots of anxiety about long runs. Paul was kind enough to let me tag along and make him run 18 miles today. I knew I'd keep the pace honest trying to keep up with him! 

Met at Tiffany's booth at Gardener Village, and let me tell you! That girl is amazing! If you get the chance, swing by her booth there or Sundays at Wheeler Farm. BEAUTIFUL pictures and flowers! She puts the pics on cards, coasters and framed. I wish I had $1000 and I would redecorate my house with just her pictures! I love them!! Definitely a gifted artist.

We headed North and took a little detour to Paul's new house. They are currently renovating it before move-in time and he has done some really nice work himself. We didn't have keys so we just had to peek in windows, but I was impressed with all the work!

We passed the Never Bear and got to my old condo on 3900W and took a little detour past my old unit. They still have the curtains I put up with our new flooring and carpet in 2004. I guess they were timeless :) We finally hit 10 miles a bit after 3300S and turned around to head back. No detours home.

On the way back I was starting to get hot. We'd started at 9AM, so by now it was 10:30+ and I was feeling the sun and heat. I kept reminding myself it is better than SGM has been the last 2 years, so suck it up! But, I still made Paul stop 3 or 4 times to enjoy the free water put out by SL Running company. Every few miles they had complimentary coolers of water and Gatorade! I think I owe them a shoe purchase now.

Our stops were brief, because I wanted to do this without stopping...more race like, but I just had to get that water. I was hot. A couple times I stuck my head under the spigot or dumped a cup or water on my head. Felt good and kept me going.

Mile 16 my legs were done, I struggled here a bit mentally and physically, but Paul just kept truckin' along and I knew I had to get back somehow. Running is faster than walking, so I just wanted to get it over. I think that is what happened the last mile. I just kicked it in and got it over with! Almost hit a sub 8...SO close! But, a tempo mile at the end of an 18 when I'm struggling? yeah, I'll take it. Especially in light of my stellar training lately! HA!

We finished a little early and had a good cool down walk back to the market and it was then I really started to feel the heat. I needed some good heat training - that is certain! Stretched and recovered a bit in the booth and got to hear some good stories to go along with the awesome pictures. Good times!

Now, since my hubby's rock climbing partner cancelled on him I get to go rock-climbing this evening. I'm tired, but hey...he helped me out this morning so he deserves some time out.

I think this may be my fastest long run...I guess I can't complain too much. A flat, honest run and still keeping a decent pace. Maybe I can tackle SGM after all. 

AP: 8:27 splits: 8:37, 8:19, 8:24, 8:36, 8:22, 8:33, 8:27, 8:23, 8:24, 8:21, 8:16, 8:33, 8:28, 8:42, 8:34, 8:32, 8:35, 8:02

TTT #1 Miles: 18.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Conquered my new hill route. When I looked at the elevation afterward, it made me depressed...only 400ft of gain in .75 miles. I know that is a big hill, but when I felt like I was dying at the top I was sure I'd climbed about 1000ft and it had been well over a mile. Poo. I hate it when a route I've built up in my head isn't all that. Especially when my split time is SO slow!!! Whatever, I got it done and it didn't kill me...so I guess it just made me stronger :)

2 miles to the hill: 8:39, 8:57 Hill: 11:32; down hill, back home: 8:40, 8:21, 8:32 - didn't push anything, just enjoyed the run.

Just after mile 6 clicked I saw my friend running and decided to go a little bit with her, she is slower, but I had a good time with company and just relaxing! 11:35

Then a little after mile 7 I took a short cut home so that I could get there before hubby had to leave for work .6 = 8:57 pace.

Rode the bike with Adam to the gym and did .4 on the track before spin.

Great spin class with lots of climbing. I love climbing in spin!! Better than speed anyway. Great puddles of sweat = great class!

Got the bike cleaned off and to the TM as fast as I could. Did a push speed mile on the TM in 6:45. Did the first half at 6:57 pace, then went progressive every tenth until the end and finished at 9.5mph.

Rode the bike home with Adam and then had to get back out the door to take my son to a Dr appointment. Physical exhaustion to start the day, mental exhaustion for the next few hours = spent mama! Now if I only had time for a nap...

Purple People Runners Miles: 9.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Tempo Tuesday. I hate making my own workouts, because I know what I'm in for!

Did our regular 10 mile loop, but threw in tempo miles (just as fast as you could take...since Chad hung with me and George was still sore from his first 20 miler Saturday I guess it was as fast as Rachel could handle).

2 mi warm-up, luckily temple hill was in the warm-up. 1 mile tempo then a half-mile recovery repeated until we were at 9 miles, then the last mile was full cool-down.

warm-up: 8:52, 8:31 - legs felt heavy and I wasn't so sure I wanted to do this today!

1st tempo: 7:10 - okay, not too shabby for a flat mile.

2nd tempo: 7:50 - don't get on my case too much about this one! It was all uphill with the Maverick hill on 12600S. I didn't finish until I got to the top. I didn't plan the workout with the course, I just did it. So I'm pleased it was a 7:50, good for a full mile hill sprint for me.

3rd tempo: 7:44 - I think my poor legs were just tired from the hill. I don't have any other reason it was so slow. Well, the elevation says 156 ft gain over the mile, but I thought it was flat...hmm. Either way, the effort was there!

4th tempo: 6:52 - ahh, downhill! Can you tell? I thought it would be faster though, closer to 6:20 oh well. I guess the legs were tired.

5th tempo: 7:20 - I actually felt the strongest on this finish. Maybe because I knew I was done. I don't know. It is a pretty flat mile and I was just happy to be done with the tempos and on the finishing stretch home.

AP for the run: 8:12

I thought about going to the gym, but decided to sleep instead :) Got a little nap while baby played with trains on my bed. Gotta love just having one kid...and a big empty bedroom so he can't get into or destroy anything!

We then had a good little bike ride to run some errands around the 'hood and go to music class...maybe 4 or 5 miles.

TTT #1 Miles: 10.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Last night I was contemplating what to do. I had my route and everything all planned out and I was ready to tackle it, but my shins/calves started getting a little achy. Nothing big, but putting in high miles after a near nothing month and with SGM coming up I get super sensitive about little niggles. My contemplation was this: I had arch supports (super feet) in my shoes from the start of my running days until after SGM last year when I finally took them out upon recommendation of my PT, because I would constantly get shin splints and he figured that I was probably over compensating with the supports. Since taking them out I haven't had any shin issues! Then, my PF came up. So, my PT had me put in SOFT arch supports - the super feet were too rigid and giving shin splints, but my arches must need a little more than what is in my shoes. So, since Aug I've had new arch supports. Now that my miles are going up my shins are getting achy! Poo! I rolled and stretched really well last night before bed.

I didn't want to run outside in case they got bad and I felt like I needed to stop, and I was tired and wanted to sleep in :) So, I went back to an old pair of shoes w/out the supports and went to the TM. Amazingly, my shins don't ache now and my calves don't feel horrible either. So, was it the supports gone or the rolling/stretching last night? I don't know. I'm confused and don't know what to do. Should I try no arch supports for the long run Saturday and see how my PF does and hope that all will be okay or should I keep the arch supports and deal with the shins and just roll and stretch if it is bad afterward? I'm in a quandary!!! Any advice is welcome.

Rode the bike to the gym with Adam. It was cool enough we both needed jackets :(

3 miles on the TM: 8:34 (1%); 8:34 (2%); 8:13 (1%)

1 mile on the track not timed, but similar effort

3 more miles on the TM: 8:20(1%); 8:20 (2%); 7:45 (started at 7:58 and went progressive the last half, so I'm kind of guessing)

1 mile on the track again, not timed, but similar effort

Walked and chatted a few laps with Jena

stabilization exercises - band walking, big toe/little toe calf raises, lunges, weighted bridge leg lifts, 20 push-ups (girls), side arm raises, X hop. Repeated 3X with a sprinting lap between each set (11 laps/mile...so not enough to put into mileage).

10 min of stretching calves/hamstrings/feet.

Bike home with Adam, didn't wear MY jacket home, but Adam still needed one. It is getting cool :(


Purple People Runners Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Urban Trail Loop and Kelli decided to come join us this morning too! It was nice to have some female company! Kimberly has been coming more, but I always love a run with Kelli! She was nice enough to go slow and hang with me this morning. 

After the run I did 3 extra with Chad, the worst part was up and over temple hill! Y'all know how much I love hills. But, the last mile everything finally just clicked in and I felt great! Perfect pace and I just could've gone another 4 or 5 exactly like that again. 

AP: 8:42 splits: 9:12, 9:00, 8:32, 8:07, 8:50 (hit the single track...so much for that progressive, like always), 9:11, 8:57, 8:35; 3 after: 8:49, 8:43 (temple hill was faster than the first mile?!?), 7:43...and that felt good?!? Crazy run!!!

Came home and it had been SO cold all morning I just buried myself under 3 blankets and shivered for a good 20+ minutes. After I got kids off to school I took another little nap while baby played trains :) He needed more help today putting the track together, but I still got a little rest.

Did a new yoga video (I've had it for years, but never done it), a little less crazy than p90X and more stretching. Not as much as my old yoga class though...I miss Wendy's Thursday yoga class :( I just can't find a good substitute!

TTT #1 Miles: 11.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Two @ 8:34 on the TM in my Altras. Someday I'll get brave and take them outside on a short run :) 

30 min swim. It was nuts in the pool today! They had all the lanes closed for swim lessons, I don't get it... THEN they had zumba water class going, I don't get it....

I swam the short way under the diving boards half way, then I'd turn at the first lap lane and go back. Then zumba got over, so I went on the outside of the lanes the long way. Then the geriatric class started so I could only swim half way the long way. Finally, they put in an additional lap lane and I could swim normal laps. crazy! Constant (practically) swim for 30 minutes, couldn't figure out distance if I'd tried!

Biked to and from the gym with Adam and then picked up Nathan at Kindergarten. He and his friend rode scooter and Adam and followed on the bike. Wonderful morning!

Pink Altras Miles: 2.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

One of my worst runs ever. Honestly. Not so much the pace, but the way I felt. All I can say is I didn't puke or poo and it didn't kill me...so I must be stronger for it.

Met Skip in Provo/Orem to run the river trail. My initial thought was to do 10 up the canyon then try and tempo down. Just not the day to do it. There were times on the way up in the VERY dark (5AM start), that I got a little dizzy, but I figured it was from the headlamp. When we got to Vivian he said we could run the highway or up Southfork. I didn't want to run on the road (I'm a chicken) so I chose Southfork. HA! I had NO idea what I was in for. 

We ran up to a campground/park to the bathrooms and water. Fighting a head wind the entire way from the start. At one point before we got to the canyon it blew my visor off!! I've never had that happen. Strong wind. It was nice to turn around, and it was finally light enough we didn't need the head lamp. I knew the way down would rock!

As we ran down Southfork I was perplexed...this was STEEP! I didn't really run up this road did I? It certainly didn't feel that bad on the way up, but this down is amazing. Looking at the elevation, not surprised...200ft gain/mile approx for those last 3 miles. My AP at the turn around (10.3) was 8:47mm

Around mile 11.5 I started feeling crappy. My gut was just not happy. I started getting a headache, lightheaded and I just felt weak. I figured when we got back to Vivian I would pop my GU and be fine. HA! Didn't work.

The miles just got harder and I stopped talking. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time and that was keeping my feet moving despite my head yelling at me to stop. I was dragging and felt like I was running 10mm, my head felt like it was going to implode and I wanted to puke. Finally got to Nunn's park and stopped for water. Poor Skip had to deal with my horrible run!

The distance between Nunns and the bottom of the canyon has never seemed SO long! Just enduring. I did have to stop a couple times when I was sure the puke was on its way up. Luckily, it never made it. We stopped at a bathroom by the ever flowing water and that seemed to help a little, but I was still just exhausted with a pounding head and unhappy gut. Misery, but at least I had good company :)

I'd met Skip at the Harmons in Orem and it is UP that 800N hill at the bottom of the canyon and I was NOT looking forward to that, but I knew my 20 miles was almost done so I pushed on. At the light at the top of the hill I hit 20 and started to walk. Poor Skip was just getting moving and ready to run the last 1/2 mile back to the cars. So, we compromised. I walked 200yds or so, then we picked it up and ran another 1/2 mile.

When we got back I laid down in the parking lot and put my feet up on the lamp post I was parked under. done. I'd done it. Despite Skip asking multiple times if I wanted him to come back and pick me up, I had resisted and finished it! I still felt just as horrible, but I was done. Put it in the books and it is now signed, sealed and delivered.

I had to pull over once on the way home, because I was so light headed I didn't want to kill myself. And yes, I had water, gatorade and chocolate milk when I got back to the car (despite not wanting the milk!) so I was refueled a bit. I was just in a bad state. I don't know why :(

Came home and caught a 1 hr nap before taking my little guy to football, where I laid in the grass trying not to puke. He did a great job and there are many things that happened that made me smile BIG! He is trying SO hard lately to work on a lot of things and today he made friends and jumped into a group all by himself. That isn't easy for him, he is very introverted like his father...definitely NOT from me! :)

It still took me another couple hours to eat anything solid, but I'm feeling a bit better now. I have to remember to eat on Fridays before a big run. I didn't eat, because I was busy with kids and house, until 7:30 yesterday. My body needs fuel...I guess :)  Anyway, when all was said and done with and I looked at my splits I was really surprised. I'd known the 1/2 AP, but didn't realize how fast I'd really run those downhill miles (or how hard the uphill really was!). I guess if I can deal with a suffer fest like that and keep a decent pace I shouldn't be too frightened of SGM. Maybe that is why I had this run today, to make my brain understand that I CAN do hard things even when I don't think my body is working properly. I'll try again next week for those solid tempo miles, but I'm certainly NOT upset about the pace of this run given all the circumstances.

Can't wait to read all the good reports sure to roll in from races!!

AP: 8:25 splits: 8:46, 8:48, 8:38, 8:40, 8:33, 8:19, 8:18, 9:25 (hello hills!), 8:56, 9:18, 8:13 (ahhh, downhill!), 7:50, 8:04, 8:02, 8:16, 7:52, 8:05, 8:07, 8:02, 8:07 (for the hill UP on 800N...no way!), 8:11 (last 1/2 mile).

TTT #1 Miles: 20.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

My 2 year old has decided that 5:30 is a wonderful time to wake up, crawl in my bed and tell me he wants some milk. Nice... After trying to go back to sleep for the last 40 minutes until my alarm went off (which I wasn't really successful at with baby crawling all over me), I got up for a nice little run.

I did the big Juniper Crest Loop - 8 miles. But, I did it backwards...well, the way I least prefer. I went downhill for 3 miles, up the biggest nasty hill that I love to hate, then a little down/flat home. The last mile is always mostly uphill home, can't help it, but it wasn't too bad. 

As I started running I had Boston swirling through my head. I talked to hubby last night and he said that I could register. This may be the one and only time I do Boston, and I think I'm okay with that, but it is BOSTON! Maybe I'm in the minority here, but when I started running and finally figured out WHAT  a marathon really was (without having to ask or google it) and how fast you had to run to even have a shot at getting to Boston, it was a dream. In 9th grade I'd been voted by my gifted and talented (yes, I was a nerd) group "Most likely to run Boston" because at the school's 1.5 mi fun run just a couple months before I decided I wanted to run it and ended up taking 1st place in the school. Nope, didn't run track. Never ran more than a mile for PE, just didn't want to be one of 'those girls' that walk/runs because they don't want to mess up their hair or get stinky. Anyway, at that point in my life I had NO idea what it took to run a marathon, let alone Boston. But, as I've grown in the running world I want to run Boston. Just once. I want to live up to SOMEONES ideal for me from more years ago than I care to admit.  I don't want to be President of the US like I was voted most likely in HS, but maybe, just maybe I can run Boston :) There are many other reasons that I want to do Boston this next year and not put it off, but once I do it, I don't think I'll do it again. Once in a lifetime here! I'll be happy with that. Cross MA off the 50 states club...and move on. So, now I'm waiting for my confirmation email. I figure since they re-opened it today and it is qualifiers under 5min over qualifying time, I'm in like Flynn. I've got the fastest of the slowest qualifying times :) 4:59 over a BQ. That darn one second! I could've registered Friday if it wasn't for that darn one second! Anyway, now I sit and wait....

So, I digress. The hill went a lot better than I thought it would and in my mind it was my own little Veyo. SGM is heavy on the brain lately. My first few downhill miles I thought "I can't run a full faster than I did in Ogden, I'm just not there. Besides, right now you're probably running an 8:30 and this is how marathon pace should feel! You can't run 7:50s for 26 miles, you'll die. You're just not there right now." Well, when I got home and looked at my splits I'd actually had a 7:39 and 7:48 mile when those thoughts were going through my head. I guess if that is how MP should feel like I was berating myself for...I should be okay :)

Can you tell I've got a lot of heavy on the brain lately? Since very few of you even read my crazy ramblings anymore, I'm just letting them go today!

Got home and felt a lot better than I really thought I would after Saturday and starting my last week of heavy training for SGM. I can do this! Only 3 weeks left...

AP: 8:31 splits: 8:17, 7:39, 7:48, 9:00, 9:40 (hello hills!), 8:29, 8:39, 8:33

Rode the bike with Adam to the rec center and did spin class. Sometimes I can't understand exactly what the point of Bill's workout is or what exactly he wants us to do. So, I just fake it pretty well :)  Good workout either way.

Hit the TM for one speed mile afterward to get the legs moving: 6:35 (started at 6:58 and went progressive until 5:58 for the last .05)

60/60/60 planks, push-ups and stretching.

Grabbed Adam and took the long way home. Past my sister-in-laws new home and around the stake center to home. Beautiful day to be outside, and surprise, surprise...guess who fell asleep on the bike on the way home? Yup, my 5AM friend!

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today...lots on the brain.

Purple People Runners Miles: 9.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Did the regular ol' 10 mile loop with the Newtons today. We stuck together for the first mile, but when the temple hill came I got left in the dust. Thankfully, Chad was willing to poke along with me, since George seemed to have a vengeance for the course today and wasn't even going to stop to regroup and Ronnie just kept up his pace. 

I always feel like a turd when I'm the back of the group. I don't know why. I know I'm slower than most of the group, but I hate feeling like someone has to not get a good workout in just to hang with me because I'm the only girl and they are nice gentlemen and won't leave me to the mtn lions :) 

It turned out not to be a very badly paced run. You know me, I never look at the garmin unless I have to, so I didn't know time/splits until the end and that is when I figured George just had something to get out of his system today!

AP: 8:08 splits: 8:26, 8:02 (temple hill), 7:52, 8:17, 8:51 (Maverik hill), 8:30, 7:52, 7:43, 7:52, 7:50.

I really feel like I fell into a good rhythm on the way home, which is kind of nice to see that my splits were good 7:50's on the way home without trying to push anything or think about it! Nice to have some speed coming back. Chad and I did have to stop at practically every light and George and Ronnie breezed through, so that made the separation greater, but when Chad and I came rolling in Ronnie stood on the sidewalk as he walked home and cheered us on, funny boy! Just as perspective their AP was 7:46 for the 10 miles. Sheesh boys! It isn't a race...most days :)

Came home and after getting kids off took a little nap, which was nice because hubby was working from home! Then he had to take off at 9:45 so I got ready and Adam and I took a little bike ride to and from Music class. I figured 10 nearly tempo miles was a good workout for the day.

TTT #1 Miles: 10.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Tried to recruit some people to run my mother of a hill with me today, but only Chad was brave enough to try it out. 

I thought starting at 6AM we'd have a little daylight by the time we got there...nope. Stink. But, sometimes it is nice to not see what is ahead of you! For the 3/4ish of a mile for the mother of a hill it took me 8:36. SO slow, but dang that hill is nasty. Then I tried to push a little bit of a low 7's pace for the downhill, which seemed about right on the Garmin, but because my mile splits are half uphill half downhill they don't accurately reflect that effort. Then at the bottom of the Cove, we went back for more and did the hill loop one more time. I actually finished it in 8:33. Now, this is kind of guessing from the garmin data, so I can't be 100% sure it was faster, but at least it was approximately the same effort. Which for the second loop, I'll take! Finished pushing the downhill again and then got to just cruise on home, with just a little extra loop to finish at 7 miles. 

AP: 8:44 splits: 8:34, 10:44, 8:04, 8:14, 10:04, 7:40, 7:45

Grabbed a short nap before getting lunches made and kids out the door, then loaded up Adam on the bike and went to the rec center. I did 40 min on the bike, then my PT strengthening exercises: Band walk, big/little toe calf raises, lunges, skull crushers (for the flabby arms), one legged weighted bridge lifts.

Grabbed Adam from the nursery then took him with me while I sat on the machines to stretch. Then we rode home.

I had to break the gloves out this morning...l/s shirts, now this? sigh, I don't like cold :(

Purple People Runners Miles: 7.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Urban Trail Loop with the Newtons. Chad, George, Kimberly and Ronnie. At the top of the hill in Daybreak Chad and I were all alone. We hadn't hit that fast of paces, so I was wondering what had happened to the rest of the group. Especially George, he doesn't like to be too far off the leaders. Turns out Ronnie is babying an Achilles issue that popped up on Tuesday and George ran another 6 miles the afternoon after his speed work on Tuesday and now has lead legs and they just wouldn't move. I was happy to be feeling good! So, at the re-group I ran with Kimberly. It is rare to have female company at the Newtons so I wasn't going to pass it up! Had a great run with her and when we hit the trail Ronnie spotted a skunk...so we let the gentlemen go first :) 

We had a great chat and at the next re-group George joined Kimberly and I at a little slower pace. I was loving not having to race with the boys back to the cars. The last 1/2 mile I decided to just push it out and picked up the turnover and my legs felt great. I thought after a good hard week of runs that my legs might not move, but they did and I felt good. Always a good sign!

AP: 8:34 splits: 8:49, 8:25, 8:16, 8:20, 8:58, 8:30, 9:01, 8:13

Came home and grabbed a little nap before getting kids off to school.

My TTT group was meeting for a ride at Butterfield Canyon at 9AM. I was planning on going to the gym and just doing an easy spin, but the desire for company overcame me. I rode with Adam on the mtn bike to the canyon and met everyone there. I was hoping someone would be nice and hang back with me and Adam on the climb. I figured I'd only make it a couple miles before everyone else turned and came down.

Heidi was nice and stuck with me (we started a couple minutes before the group) and we had a good chat when I could talk and before I knew it we were at mile 3 up the canyon. It started to get steep, but I pushed on the best I could. At mile 3.5 I told Heidi I was done and pulled off the road and she continued up. I caught my breath and grabbed a drink. I turned around and asked Adam how he liked that ride. He answered "more?" you little stinker! I guess I'm not done yet. So, I slowly made my way up another 1/2 mile on the bike having to stop a few times. One big hill I had to stop and walk up to the top, because I couldn't counter Adam's weight on the back and I was going so slow and it was so steep, I felt like I was going to pop a wheelie and fall over. So, I did the smart thing and stopped :)

After hitting mile 4 I walked the bike up about another 1/4 mile a little at a time looking for a good pull-out to wait for the ladies to come back down. Luckily, Heidi was one of the first ones to come back and so I hopped back on with her (after having Adam turn my pedals while I lifted the bike and shifted my gears UP, no way was I going back down in a super low gear!). The downhill for the first couple miles was crazy and I felt like I rode my brakes the whole way! The last couple miles I still didn't have to pedal, but it wasn't quite so scary.

Just a few minutes after Heidi and I got down the rest of the crowd came screaming down the canyon. We all stayed and chatted and ate some very yummy cinnamon rolls (Adam really liked that!), then after a little more chatter I rode home just in time for my kindergartner to come home. A great run and ride this morning with great people! I'm glad I got to ride downhill home...that is all I'm going to say about that! About 14 miles on the bike total.

Adam and I as we waited for the others to come down. The climb up the canyon was beautiful, but the company was even cuter :)

TTT #1 Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Slept in...finally! Rode with Adam down to the rec center.

Just a short run to move the legs. Easy day before the last SGM long workout tomorrow.

I just jumped on at 8:27 pace and ran. Listening to my ipod and enjoying the time running. All of a sudden I looked at the clock and realized I'd been running for almost 30 minutes. Shoot. I was only going to run 3, maybe I'm close. I was at 3.2 miles! I didn't even realize it! I would've thought I was maybe 1.5. Gotta love it when those miles just fly by! Especially at a decent pace (for me anyway). Bumped it up to 7:53 pace to finish off the last .3 miles then wiped up the TM and headed to the pool. I could've run forever! :)

Now, to explain what happened at the pool will take a story and little confession. I've been missing female running companions :( Seems like most of the time I end up running with guys. What happened to all my female peeps? :( Either I'm to slow for them, schedules don't match or we're too far. I've been feeling really abandoned. Maybe it is me and I need to get outside of what has become my comfort zone. I don't know. Either way, I was whining to my hubby and came up with an idea. I'd look through the Ogden marathon results and find females that finished w/in 10 min of my time that lived in Herriman, Riverton or South Jordan. Stalking skills at their finest :) Well, I found someone that lives in Herriman that finished just 2 min after me! Score! I knew this was my new running buddy!! But, try as I might, I couldn't find Rebecca Strain anywhere. She didn't even have many results on Athlinks. Poo. I was SO close. Where is my running buddy? :(

So, with all this fresh in my mind, as I go to the pool I see a lady (about my age) sitting on the side with her kids and she has a Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon shirt on! This is her...I just know it! (see, I'm still stalking!) So, I ask if she is running that tomorrow...half or full (full)...Oh, I'm waiting for SGM. Well, we end up chatting about running! She is a trail runner and does Squaw Peak 50 and so hasn't run Ogden, but this will be her 10th full in SGM this year! So, it wasn't my long lost buddy Rebecca that I'd been searching out, but still! A running buddy! :) I don't know what her schedule is like or if anything will ever work out, but we talked about tri training, trail running and lots of other stuff. We both proposed the idea of running together sometime, because we don't like to run alone. She said she wasn't quite up to my speed, but runs more like 3:45 in fulls. Hey, pretty close! I told her that we could hit the trails and she can kick my trash there. That was the perfect plan. She prefers trails, but hates to run alone! Bonus! Then, in the mix of all this she asks if I run with the BBKs (after telling her my name). I said well, I get their emails and used to, but I haven't been running consistently with them for a while. She said she recognized my name from their emails! Awesome! See?!? We were already connected and didn't even know it. So, since we already had each others emails sitting in our inboxes we said we'd email and set up a time to run trails together...after SGM :) Maybe she was just humoring the crazy lady that struck up a conversation with her in the pool, but it seemed like she was as excited about having a new running partner as I was. I guess time will tell. Only problem? I don't remember her name. oops. great way to start, huh? I think it is Stephanie, but I'm not sure. I do remember her email and already sent one out to her. She hasn't ever run with the BBKs she just met Cheris at baseball, so we wouldn't have ever met before this. Crazy! Anyway, I hope I found a new friend :) (what a loser story, huh?!?)

So, long story longer I chatted my time for swimming away and thought "well, that's okay, I'll just pay for the extra daycare time." Jumped in the water and swam for about 5-8 minutes. Then all of a sudden it dawned on me that it was FRIDAY! Early out day for Kindergarten and I had 20 minutes to get out of the pool, get Adam out of daycare and then RIDE my bike home to be there when the carpool dropped off!!! Crap! So, I jumped out of the pool. Hardly worth even getting wet. Oh well, I got a few laps of pulling in anyway. When I took my cap off my hair wasn't even wet...seriously?!? Swim for 7 minutes? Not worth it!

Quickly changed, Grabbed Adam got on the bike and got home as fast as my legs would carry me. Still had about 5 minutes before carpool came - score! They were about 7-10 minutes late though :)

Anyway, crazy morning, but I think the lack of the swim was worth the pay-off of a new possible female running buddy! No offense to any of the guys I run with. I just need some girl time.


Family Fun Run for the Elementary School Fund raiser. All my kids ran a mile and since they were all in different waves I ran with each of them. I didn't want to start out in the crowd, so I walked across the field and met them 1/2 way through the first lap. I only had my flip flops on, so I just ran in them. At least 2.5 miles total and all my kids did a GREAT job on their runs!!! Such a proud mama, always a proud mama :)

Pink Altras Miles: 3.50
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

I really don't know what to make of this run. Is it a good thing or just a good day? 

Went to redeem myself in Provo Canyon from last weeks disaster run. Rode with Chad and George down to Sasha's home. Headed up the canyon with the lovely familiar head wind. I just tried to keep up. It wasn't until Sasha pointed out the 100M markers on the road and our time that I realized how fast I was running. I even said "I'd better let you go, I'm going to fast." But, Sasha said the uphill speed doesn't matter, so they kept with me...rather, I kept up with them. Pace didn't drop! :) 

The other 3 were doing 20 today and I only wanted 16 with the last 8 downhill at MP tempo to lock it in for the legs and build confidence for SGM. Well, after bidding them adieu at Vivian and wishing them luck up South Fork (enjoy!) I did just .25 extra out and back to get ready for the downhill tempo. Threw back a gu, grabbed some water, chatted with some ladies (c'mon...you know me!) then put my big girl panties on to take on the canyon.

I should mention that I glanced at my garmin...8:02AP for UP the canyon! What the heck?!? I don't run uphill that fast, and it didn't feel that hard of effort either. I would've put it more 8:20ish. This is when I realized the pace up the canyon didn't really slow much at all from my 'I quit' moment. Crap, if I'd run MP UP the canyon...what was I going to do down? Goal MP of 7:50 was definitely possible, I can do this...I can.

I didn't look at the Garmin on the way down. You know how that plays head games with me. So, I just ran a comfortably hard pace, or a little more so. Better effort than the up effort, but still sustainable. I kept thinking "if this is only a 7:50 there is NO way I'm running that pace at SGM!" But, I just tried to plug into my music and enjoy the downhill ride, the beauty of the canyon and the bazillion other runners on the trail :)

I decided I wanted to stop at Nunns, got there...nah, I'm good. I'll go to the ever flowing water. I thought about how this week these miles were flying by and last week it felt like crap and drug on FOR-EV-ER! Definitely a better run week. At the water fountain I looked at the pace...holy crap. I'd dropped the AP to 7:38 and my splits were around 7mm. Nice. I had 3 more miles (exactly, strangely enough) and decided to push on and try to keep it up. So, after a short chat with another lady at the fountain, I got on my way (can you blame me? I'm a talker and the guys were running FOUR more miles...I had time). Within about 1/4 mile I regretted not stopping at the bathroom.

about 1.4 later it was painfully obvious I needed to use the bathroom. I kept looking along the park (I was on the West side of the river, so there was a little park area) for a pit stop and couldn't see one. Ah! finally spotted one. Nope...false alarm, crap...literally! :) I knew it was only 1/2 mile or so to the start of the RHPC run and I KNEW there was a bathroom there. So, I kept up the tempo to the bathroom and the door was even open. Beautiful!

When I started back I had .5 to go to hit my 16. This made me happy, because I knew my detour to the bathroom had made it so I didn't have to finish up the back road to Sasha's house :) It took my legs a bit to get back into it, besides now going a slight uphill my legs I think thought I was done at the bathroom. Nope, just a little more! I ended with just .1 up the hill and then I walked the rest of the way up! Marvelous :)

I had kept a pretty good consistent pace (except the last mile) on the tempo on the way down, but even the last mile wasn't horrible! I think I might just be able to pull it off. At least match my Ogden time, I hope. But, SGM is a beast I have yet to tame...so we will see! I'm going to try and Neg split. Take the first half 'easy' and lock in for the 2nd half. You know...the way a marathon SHOULD be run?

When I got back, Chad and Sasha were already there! What the heck? I guess I'd talked waaaay too much :) doesn't surprise me. They passed me while I was on my bathroom detour, and my long walk up the hill didn't help matters. Anyway, we still had to wait a bit for George, so at least I wasn't last.

Had a nice visit and chat with Pachevs and was grateful for their hospitality in post run fueling! I now have a track workout brewing in my head...maybe Tuesday :)

AP: 7:33 splits: 8:23, 8:20, 8:08, 8:04, 8:02, 8:05, 7:50 (turn around); 7:26, 6:55, 7:00, 6:58, 7:03, 7:04, 6:55, 7:09, 7:21 (last 100 feet over 16 miles recorded at 7:06...so the finishing pace was good!).

TTT #1 Miles: 16.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

My amazing husband let me sleep in!!! I've been looking forward to and giddy about this day for a good couple weeks! I have 9AM church and am SO over not getting a sleep in day EVER. So, he was wonderful and took baby and kids and guess what? I slept for TWELVE HOURS!! Oh, yes. I went to be just before 11PM and didn't wake up until 11AM! Oh, I woke up a new person. No little aches and pains, a happy disposition, ready for the day and to eat! I am serious...I need this every day. every. day. Too bad that isn't reality. 

Then when I woke up and checked my email, guess what I got?!? MY BOSTON ACCEPTANCE LETTER!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO stinkin' excited!!! I never thought this would happen! It will be my once in a lifetime trip, so I'm going to try and take it all in Saturday through Tuesday and love every minute of it! SGM may be done in 2 weeks, but then I've got Boston...yes, Boston! :) I am SO EXCITED!!!! YIPEEE!!!!

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Had good plans and intentions on meeting Kelli at the rec center this morning. After getting woken up for the 3rd time by my lovely 2 year old, at 4AM I turned the alarm off. I would pay for daycare and run later. I missed chatting with Kelli though :(

Rode the bike down to the rec center. Overcast and chilly. Didn't think it might rain, oh well. Thankfully I'm not a witch and don't melt in the rain :) most days.

3 miles on the TM in 24:45 (8:15). Started at 8:34, 8:20, then progressive to 7:30 to finish the last mile.

1 mile on the track, a little speed work: 6:36.

3 miles back on the TM in 24:15 (8:05) Started at 8:20, 8:13, then progressive the last mile to finish the last tenth at 5:53.

1 mile on the track, push out the speed again: 6:45. Not as fast, but I guess that is acceptable.

Total time for the 8 miles: 62:21 AP: 7:48

Then I did my PT/strengthening workout: band walking, big/little toe calf raises, lunges, Shoulder raises, skull crushers, weighted bridge with leg raises, heel/toe walking around the track, reverse crunch. Repeated 3X. Then a good stretching of the hammies and calves.

Rode home with Adam and luckily avoided the rain. It is getting cool. If SGM was held in the weather this morning it would perfect. Praying for a cold front to come through Southern Utah in 11 days.

Awesome Elixers Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

With the good comes the bad, right? 

I was excited for this morning's track workout! I was ready to put these legs to the test. But, they weren't ready for me. 

almost 3 miles warm-up - felt a LOT harder than I thought it should.

Did a little track warm-up (after hopping the fence): sprint the curves, recover the straights for 2 laps. Then We did push a 200, recover 200 - 2X; then push a 400, recover a 400.

Then, the fun began. 6X800 with a 400 recovery. I was ready to blow away these 800's! I'd had such a great summer and things have been going well. Oops.

3:24 - hello? remember that 1 mile yesterday? you ran that at a faster pace than that!

3:12 - more like it! Hitting the groove now.

3:22 - whaaa?

3:23 - again? I guess this is what I settle for.

3:21 - a little better, lets hit the last one HARD!

3:23 - whatever. I'm done.

So, very disappointing. I really thought I could hit them 3:10-3:15. I don't know if I really just can't do it or if I was tired. The rain and dark I'm sure didn't help either. Oh well. I know that I should at least be able to hit a 3:30 like Ogden, so I need to just be happy with that.

3 miles cool-down.

Total 11.5 miles AP: 8:03. Another MP day, shouldn't complain about that.

Purple People Runners Miles: 11.50
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Early Morning run with Kelli. It was SO worth it to get up out of bed!

Seminary and back AP: 8:40.

Looking at my splits it cracks me up that my first mile was a 9:30! Poor Kelli having to drag along with my slow butt!! I did (obviously) redeem myself after that though. Just had to get through the uphill :)

Instead of then going to the gym, I took off on a BEAUTIFUL hike with a friend. Threw Adam in the backpack and took Lucy out and we headed 2.5+ miles up Yellowfork just exploring. The carpets of multi-colored leaves were awe inspiring! Acorns falling, quiet, clear, just moist air with the chill of fall. Seriously, beautiful! Total of just over 5 miles hiking and a memory full of beauty to last a lifetime!

TTT #1 Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Urban Trail Loop with the regular crowd, plus Paul! I was happy to see him! He can never say when he is coming, because if he does, then something will go wrong at work and we will miss out!

 Chad, George, Kimberly, Paul and I all set out at a nice easy pace and Paul told me the fun stories from Big Cottonwood Marathon pacing. At the lake George and Kimberly took off while I was grabbing a drink, but we caught them by the trail and so we just continued on through the fence. From there on out we were all together chatting, laughing and telling good stories. It was a good low-key run. No one out for a sprint or to be chased, just easy. The way I like it!

AP: 8:39 splits: 9:05, 8:43, 8:17, 7:52, 8:51, 8:44, 8:55, 8:49 - it is always strange to me how much my progressive run splits change when we hit the trail! Crazy!

Came home and was going to sleep, but decided to wait until kids were off to school and shower first (I was cold and it warms me up so I don't spend the next 3 hours shivering!). Then, after they left I made a yummy omelet for breakfast and jumped on FB while eating. Ooops. Heidi (my hiking companion from yesterday) saw I was online and asked if I wanted to go out for a bike ride up Rose Canyon and out to the HS. Well, given the option to sleep or ride...I'll ride! So, Adam and I got on the bike and headed out. Heidi is super nice being willing to slow down for the extra 30 pounds I have to haul on a mtn bike! But, I made it up the canyon and to the HS then we parted ways and both went home. I'm really enjoying Heidi. She is my new exercise crush :) We get along well and I enjoy spending time with her and she doesn't mind my slow tag-along (Adam). We already have another hike for Monday on the calendar.

Total about 14-15 miles on the bike. I'll sleep when baby goes down for a nap :)

Purple People Runners Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

I have been SO tired all week. My legs just feel tired and heavy and I'm grouchy. Plus, I'm getting a cough and stuffy nose. Oh, heaven help me.

So, I decided yesterday when I looked at the fact that I already had 35.5 miles in for the week I was sleeping in today and taking the day off. 

My poor kids have been living out of the clean clothes pile in the laundry room all week because I haven't folded clothes and my house is a disaster area. I'm supposed to leave around 4 this afternoon for my 70 mile bike ride in Brigham City tomorrow and all I want to do is sleep. So, I'm giving up the gym and just getting house/mom stuff done today. 35.5 miles this week and a 70 mile ride (easy, not racing) will be plenty for this week. Can't do anything to help myself, but I kind of feel like I'm starting to hurt myself. So, nuttin' today! And I'm gonna enjoy it!

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

What an awesome ride! This was my first cycling event and I got to do it with one of my oldest besties! Steph did Spudman with me and just recently bought her own bike and decided to celebrate her 33rd birthday by riding 70 miles with me! It was an all women's ride and since it was witch themed, I of course dressed up. How can you pass that up? :)

I decorated my car windows for Steph for her birthday and it was fun getting honked at all the way to Brigham City! ("honk for the birthday witch" on the back window) We picked up packets and I decided to buy the biking jersey, which is my first. I finally won't look like a runner on a bike :) They had THE best t-shirts for the race EVER! I love it! Long, women's cut, cute but simple print, soft, I could go on and on, but I think I'm going to live in that shirt from now on. I need just like 5 different colors now :) Since this was just a ride and an un-timed event they just gave us numbers, and I wanted 153 so I had to sing for my number. The guy was more red than I was! It was just fun from the beginning!

We stayed with Steph's family in Tremonton and we got up nice and early, but realized we both forgot essentials and had to stop by Wal-Mart and got out late, so we got to the park a little later than expected, but still with enough time. Who leaves their water bottles at home on a 70 mile bike ride?!? ME!

We had time to get a few pics before hand, and I even decorated Steph's bike for her birthday ride! :) Helga was looking as beautiful as we were!

Then I caught up with the gaggle of TTT girls that were at the ride (thanks to me! :) I saw the post on another friends page and shared the "first 100 women FREE" entries with them). We got a few good pics at the start line! They had music, an announcer, fun decorations, and a pair of emerald green bike shoes! SO awesome! Just a fun environment full of strong, beautiful women!

Then as we waited for the start they said the witches were flying over head! The RD had hired a helicopter to come fly overhead and take pics! How stinkin' awesome!! So, as the helicopter was hoovering overhead they had us take off! I didn't even hear "go" everyone just started riding. It was crazy, but Steph and I took off on our adventure (the pic of me in my TTT cape on the bike waiting for the helicopter).

Then as we were riding the helicopter stayed hoovering over the course and taking pictures of everyone for maybe 20-30 minutes! It was SO awesome! The weather was near perfect (a little chilly at the start, but not too cold) and then we actually rode past a house that was abandoned and they had someone taking pics and they'd put a witch on the porch! So, we were flying by the witch house! Seriously FUN race!

Steph and I just chatted along and we had some other ladies around us that we'd chat with and it was just FUN! Then, the first aid station at mile 19ish. Jars of PB with spoons...since when were you allowed to just eat a spoonful of PB?!? YUM! I decided to dip my rice krispy treat IN the PB on the spoon :) They had red vines, granola bars, tootsie pops, fruit snacks...oh my YUM! And you can eat when you ride so it was a buffet fest for sure!

The second leg was the scary one. If you look at the Elevation chart, it looks like a witch's hat! _____^____   flat, PEAK, flat. Well, that peak was coming up! I don't have pics of ME on the hill, but we turned a corner and then could see the hill/mountain...holy schizz!! The closer we got the better it looked, but still... it was going to be quiet time while we worked up that hill!! They say it is a Cat 2 climb (if that means anything to anyone) and about a 7-10% grade for 3 miles....fun times. Here are some pics of others on the hill (I haven't seen one of me): on the first one, if you look in the middle of the screen (down in the valley) you can see the main road going across; that is the road we approached the hill on....and this is almost the top, almost.



This one is AT the top (well the photographer is) and you can see the road again in the valley below. This was a wicked hill!! BUT, I never stopped and climbed the whole way! Booo-yah!


When I got to the top, I didn't want to stop...I wanted to enjoy the downhill! Besides, Steph had kicked my trash on the hill and had gone down as well, so I was all for just enjoying the backside of the mountain!! From there we went past ATK and felt like we were out in the middle of no-where for quite some time. Long, open, lonely roads. I'm glad I had Steph to keep chatting with...now that quiet time was over :)

At mile 45ish we got to the 2nd aid station and they had the wonderful same picnic there, but I mostly drank gatorade and water. I'd dropped the water bottle somewhere along the way that I'd bought at walmart (it was just a little small for my cage) so I was ready for some liquid. My little bottle that stayed put had to be rationed :)

By the time we got back on the road my butt was done. My legs were fine, but the fact I hadn't been on my road bike since the Utah Half IM was painfully obvious. Steph and I just kept pushing and chatting along, despite the invisible wind! It felt like there was a decent headwind, but flags weren't blowing, the weeds on the side of the road were still...it was crazy! We kept plugging along and passed 5-7 riders on our final stretch home. When you could finally see Logan canyon in the distance it was a welcome sight! (The ride started/ended in Brigham City). It seemed really far away, but the garmin said 10 miles...we can do this. We got back in civilization, crossed the freeway, turned South and knew it was close! After winding through some neighborhoods we made a turn and BAM! There was the finish!!! My Garmin said 67.3 miles and I started it late on the ride, so maybe closer to 67.5ish, but we were done! Steph felt a little cheated for not hitting 70, but when I offered to take a spin around the block she declined :)

They had a great finish line, but not a ton of people were there. I guess after 70 miles you get a little spread out :) We finished in 4:15 - that is ride time, not including buffet stops. So, about 16mph average for the ride, which isn't too shabby! I certainly didn't feel like I was slacking on the ride. They had a huge selection of candy bars, nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, chips and more. We were certainly fed well. Steph's family had come up to see her as well as the folks we stayed in Tremonton with. It was SO nice to just relax and visit and watch my other TTTers come in! Everyone did a great job and had an amazing day. The first team to come in (as individuals) did it in 3:30 (again, ride time - not stop time), so I felt like we actually did a pretty good job for a couple first timers! Most of the peeps I knew there came in after us. That Witches Hat really took it out of your legs in the middle of the ride.

We then drove together back to SL and I dropped Steph off at her house in time to clean up and get ready for a night of birthday fun. I really had one of the best times ever on this ride! Even though I had to set my alarms on my phone and make calls to get kids up and where they needed to be all morning/afternoon. I would certainly do it again! Anyone who would like to tag along next year if you sign up before midnight tonight it is only $45!! :) Almost better than a marathon...same amount of time exercising and chatting/eating, but my legs don't need nearly the recovery! My butt on the other hand.... :)

BIKE MILES Miles: 67.30
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
Total Distance
TTT #1 Miles: 135.00Awesome Elixers Miles: 18.00Purple People Runners Miles: 56.50Pink Altras Miles: 8.50BIKE MILES Miles: 67.30
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
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